During Doklam issue, Rahul Gandhi secretly met Chinese envoy, now Navjot Singh Sidhu mocks Rafale deal on Pakistan soil, who is Congress helping?

One year back when the Doklam issue between India and China was at its peak, everyone worried about the possible attack by both countries which would result in a major clash. But PM Modi’s high diplomatic skills and tough stance made the Chinese go back on their threatening tactics and agreed to hold talks.

This was regarded as one of the biggest diplomatic win for PM Modi with China.But what was bizarre is that while the entire country was anxious about the development in Doklam, Rahul Gandhi had secretly met the Chinese envoy. The shocking part was he had never informed about his meeting to anyone and it came to light only after a few days. The question is why did Rahul Gandhi who does not hold any government position meet Chinese envoy at their embassy and especially when their was tension at border?

According to the Chinese embassy sources, Chinese envoy Luo Zhaohui & Rahul Gandhi had exchanged views on Doklam issue and Sino-Indian relations and the meeting had taken place in the embassy.

Usually when a opposition leader or any Parliament member officially meets any foreign delegate, they inform the external ministry about the meeting and the purpose of the meeting. But here Rahul Gandhi neither informed the EAM nor the purpose of his meet.  It was also understood that along with Rahul Gandhi his sister Priyanka Vadra and her husband Robert Vadra had also met Chinese envoy.  So what was the necessary for someone like Robert Vadra and Priyanka Vadra to secretly meet Chinese government delegation? This raised the eyebrows of many people who questioned Rahul Gandhi’s ill intentions. This was seen as a deliberate attempt by Rahul Gandhi to destabilize Indian government with the help of Chinese.

It is a well known fact that Rahul Gandhi and his family has had very close links with Chinese government and it seemed like they were indeed secretly supporting the Chinese in Doklam issue.

But now, another Congress leader has made it open that Congress taking support of Pakistan and China to remove PM Modi. Navjot Singh Sidhu who was under target for meeting and hugging Pakistan Army Chief a month back, has once again met Pakistan Army Chief and praised him.

Sidhu who again visited Pakistan to take part in ceremony of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, said this initiatives will erase enmity between India and Pakistan and help peace process between two countries.  While the Punjab CM refused to attend meeting and highlighted how Pakistan was responsible for killing of our soldiers on a daily basis, his own minister has not only visited Pakistan but also shared a close bonhomie with Pakistan Army Chief who is mainly responsible for infiltration in JK and  well known for his supportive stand towards LeT terror organistaions.

But this was not the end, when Sidhu was questioned on his visit, he deliberately raised the Rafale issue on an enemy soil and made an attempt to malign India. Sidhu’s statement on Rafale was not just an impulsive reaction but a well planned attempt to help Pakistan target PM Modi.

Let us not forget that Pakistan was supporting Congress’s agenda in Rafale deal and one of Pakistan’s minister had shown the audacity to speak about Rafale deal and compared with Panama papers.

So, Rahul Gandhi secretly speaks with Chinese envoy during Doklam issue, while his partymen visit Pakistan and give them a tool to attack India and PM Modi. What does this indicate?

Do we need more proof to show why Pakistan supports Congress or why Congress wants violence in JK, or why they support terrorists like Ishrat Jahan, Afzal Guru, Shorabuddin, Ajmal Kasab, Burhan Wani and always speak against Indian Army and questioned surgical strikes?!

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