During his student life he had forced the Karnataka CM Bangarappa to resign, as a student leader he hoisted Indian Flag in Kashmir!!! And today he is No.1 MLA of Karnataka!

A small village Mahadevapura, downtrodden due to the negligence of politicians who ruled in the past, a village that breathed alongside of the Silicon City Bengaluru, was far away from basic amenities. The village hadn’t seen electricity for ages. It hadn’t had basic facilities like road, schools, hospitals, pure drinking water, bus stops and so on… It was a completely neglected village.

The villagers had compromised with situations thinking that no one can change their fate and they will never see the face of development. But it wasn’t their fate, their fate had to change and yes, it did change when the villagers chose one man who had sacrificed his entire life for the development of society. He was elected as the MLA of Mahadevapura in the year 2008, and then the change began.

The person who changed the fate of Mahadevapura is none other than Shri. Aravinda Limbavali. Does he need any introduction? Not really!!! Yes, the back bone of Bharatiya Janata Party, a born leader, a person with RSS backdrop who had spent 35 years of his life in Sangha giving selfless service to the society was elected as the MLA of Mahadevapura.

A former member of upper house had to resign and jump into state politics and was given the responsibility to contest elections from Mahadevapura reserved constituency. He won with thumping majority for the first time in 2008 and then he created history again in 2013, when he was elected for the second time from the same constituency.

He didn’t indulge in gimmicks or fake promises but showed his mettle by doing development. He says he will never compromise when it comes to the development of his constituency. Believes in the very thought of “work is worship”, he worked for the upliftment of his constituency so much so that, today Mahadevapura is one of the most developed constituency in the entire state of Karnataka! That’s why he is No1 MLA of Karnataka.

The struggle is not a new thing to Shri Aravind Limbavali. He was born to struggle; he became the leader out of struggle. The social concern that he developed during his student days attracted him to a campaign. Being a Swayam Sevaka of Sangh, he got a definite direction to his thoughts in the arena of ABVP. He was the ABVP National Secretary from 1992 to 1995. During this period, he fought against the anomalies present in the education system that prevailed at that time.

How he made the then Chief Minister of Karnataka to step down!

He worked for student justice and fought against injustices in the state technical education arena. He held an agitation called “Save Campus” for solving the educational problems harassing the state. The agitation was so immense that, then Chief Minister Shri. S.Bangarappa had to take responsibility of the “Classic Computers” scandal and resign from his post.

He had actively participated in “Kashmir Chalo” agitation, where thousands of youths were headed to Kashmir from all over India. Mr Limbavali was the leader of the team that headed from Karnataka and he was one among the five leaders in entire India who were chosen to hoist the flag in Srinagar. Imagine his youth power; imagine how brave and patriot he might have been! A lion never fears death. So is Mr. Limbavali, who never cared for his life when it came to patriotism.

His leadership skills had impressed the party leaders so much so that he was called to Delhi and was given the responsibility of 15 reserved constituencies during Delhi assembly elections. He was the man behind the victory of BBMP elections where out of 8 candidates 4 were won by BJP. Former Minister of Higher Education and Health, Government of Karnataka, currently is giving his blood and sweat to fulfill the party goals as the General Secretary of BJP Karnataka.

He is the one who has been constantly raising questions in Assembly regarding Education, Social Welfare and notable Urban Development – TDRR for Land Owners, Clearing the Rajakaluves, Roads and Signal Free corridors, Odor problem in Bellandur and Varthur Lake, Garbage problem and so on…

He had worked hard to shift dumping of garbage in Maduru, to construct a fully-fledged bus stop in Mahadevapura. He had spent more than 5 crores of his grants towards the development of his constituency. He had managed to fill up the draught hit lakes in Mahadevpura, even without the help of the state government. An active leader in politics is equally active in social media as well, has acclaimed huge fan following.

He uses his Twitter and Facebook profiles to promote the causes that are dear to the society, especially farmers. Any new scheme by the Centre that concerns the benefit of farmers is shared instantly on his Twitter and Facebook handles. He quickly reacts to the issues in news from the city and the state, along with posting the news about the MLA on social sites. He was the person who fought in assembly for the justice of farmers who had committed suicide.

His social concerns are unquestionable. His leadership skills are excellent. His patriotism is beyond doubts. He is a Mass leader, people’s man, who will ensure the safety of public at any cost. He will never compromise with his and party ethics and will work hard to give his best to the society. The state needs leaders like him. Entire Karnataka is wishing him luck and waiting for his hat trick. May he win with thumping number of votes and make the statesmen proud of his accomplishments.

Hansika Raj