Was Dy SP Ganapathy shot dead? Massive cover up by Karnataka Congress government exposed!

SP Ganapathy death was one of the most talked incident in Karnataka. It shocked the entire state when a Dy SP was told to have committed suicide. But huge controversy surrounded his death, as he had given an interview just hours before his death to a channel in which he  blamed then Karnataka Home Minister K J George of hounding him and threatening him.

He had even quoted that tomorrow if he gets killed or anything happens to him, K J George, AM Prasad (ADG, Intelligence wing) and Prasad Mohanty will be directly responsible.

But the entire Karnataka government went over board to cover up the issue and botched up the entire investigations. They blamed that Police officer was mentally unstable, had family problems which pushed him into committing suicide.

But The times now today has accessed the forensic reports of SP Ganapathy which has given clear evidence that it was not a suicide but a cold blooded murder. Two eye witness who were present during the investigation have given statement that they noticed bullet wounds on SP Ganapathy’s body. They said that the CID made them sign blank papers and overlooked crucial evidence in the crime scene.

Shockingly, all the emails, information in SP Ganapathy’s laptop, mobile phones have been deleted by the investigating agency. The names of powerful ministers in Karnataka have been deleted.

It was very clear that SP Ganapathy was investigating corruption charge against few powerful ministers of the Congress government in Karnataka when he was killed. He had many times directly blamed K J George in many money laundering acts and massive corruption and scams. But none of these were highlighted by the media and the entire system tried to cover up the issue.

This is not the first time that honest officers in Karnataka have been targeted. Ever since Congress government came to power, more than 10 IAS and IPS officers have been threatened and some have even seen death. But not case have been solved but rather got suppressed.

Congress government still feels they are answerable to NO ONE and can continue to do what they want. It is up to people to decide whether such people should remain in power and make way for them to kill more honest officers or should be kicked out.

Aishwarya S