Earlier, China was interfering in Kashmir issue! But now here’s why China dumped its friend Pakistan and has not even dared to meddle with India’s internal matter

China has been always against India in the global forum when it comes to taking action against Pakistan and terror sponsored by the state. China has been the only country against India’s demand for Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar to be named as a designated terrorist in UNSC. And recently China has also raked up the Kashmir issue at UN in support of Pakistan

China thought this will work in its favor but instead ended up embarrassing itself and Pakistan as the closed-door UNSC meeting did not result in a joint statement as the US, Russia, and France all supported India.
After this, the move taken by India to reschedule the meeting between NSA Ajit Doval and China’s foreign minister Wang Yi on boundary talks, caught China off-guard and in a bid to save face, moved to ‘cancel’ the meet. It is believed as India was seeing this as Chinese evil intention of interfering in its internal matters and thus thought to reschedule the meeting

During the Doklam standoff also, India gave China a befitting reply by engaging in a prolonged standoff that increased tensions between the two countries right before the Wuhan Summit.

After the series of these events and the action taken by India on various anti-India moves of China, China has now understood that being against India will let it nowhere and will be bad for it as it is not going to get support.
Realizing this China has now come back to the track and referred Kashmir as a bilateral issue and made it clear that no talks will be held with India on Kashmir in an upcoming meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying cleared the air around the meeting by saying, “I’m not sure if Kashmir will be on the agenda because this will be an informal summit. I think we need to give the leaders time to discuss whatever they would like to. She moved to clear China’s stance on the Kashmir issue by stating: “we see Kashmir as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.” This has served as a big setback to Pakistan, leaving its all hopes shattered and as a big shot in the arm for India

It would be better for China if it maintains its stand now and not even think of committing the same mistake as India has clearly signaled China what will happen if it will try to carry out any sinister activity/plan.