Earlier Congress was demanding a CAG report on Rafale deal! But now here’s why it made a U-Turn

Congress party spreads a string of lies and false propaganda’s to defame the Modi Government and divert the mind of people. Congress basically follows the strategy of “Repeat a lie a thousand times it will become truth”. This party is so shameless that even after getting debunked the party and its leader doesn’t stop.

Same the party is doing in case of Rafale deal. Even after getting slammed by the Supreme Court the party has not stopped spreading it

And when now another false attempt of the party is going to be debunked and its true colours are going to come in front of the nation the party has taken a U-Turn

Earlier the Congress party and its leaders shouted like anything for the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Report on Rafale jet deal and now when the CAG is going to present the report in the Parliament Congress has taken a U-Turn

The Congress is now demanding that CAG Rajiv Mehrishi should recuse himself from auditing and submitting a report on the Rafale deal due to a “conflict of interest.” The party said that Mehrishi, as the then Union finance secretary, was part of the Narendra Modi government’s internal negotiations. If he audits and submits a report as CAG, it would mean that Mehrishi is trying to save himself and the government from the corruption in the Rafale aircraft deal…. The cardinal principle of law is that no one should be a judge in his own case.”

Ghulam Nabi Azad, leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha, and former Union law minister Kapil Sibal on Sunday placed this demand to Mehrishi in an official memorandum. The Congress move comes amid indications that the CAG may give its report on the deal in a few days.

Not only this the Congress President Rahul Gandhi insulted the CAG and referred him as ‘Chowkidaar Auditor General’. “The CAG report is a worthless report. It’s the Chowkidaar Auditor General’s report. It’s Modi’s report, written for the Chowkidaar, on behalf of the Chowkidaar. I call the CAG the Chowkidaar Auditor General”.

The Congress President also insulted the top court by doubting the court’s verdict on Rafale and said “The Apex court’s judgment had cited the CAG report on Rafale that hadn’t yet been tabled, “frankly, the Supreme Court judgment is open to question now.

This shows the true colours of Congress Party which is weaving the web of lies on Rafale. It exposes the hypocrisy of nature which earlier demanded CAG report as soon as possible and now backtracked its path. Time is not far when the Congress will be entangled in its own web of lies.

Source: Economic Times



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