ED cracks multi billion dollar scam! AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel mentions ‘Ítalian Lady’s Son’, ‘Family’ and ‘Ahmed Patel’

Ever since the AgustaWestland scam’s middleman Christian Michel was extradited by the Modi government, the Congress party has been petrified. It was suspected that several top politicians’ names would stumble out once the investigation agencies start to grill the middle man Christian Michel.

When the Enforcement Directorate had recovered the hand-written diary notings related to the AgustaWestland scam, few important notings like FAM, AP, RG and son of Italian lady was found and few claimed that it was directly pointing towards the Congress party and its top leaders.

Now the Enforcement Directorate had claimed that Christian Michel has revealed that “AP” stands for Ahmed Patel and “FAM” was the abbreviation for ‘Family’. This has been a break through in the investigation. Report by Republic TV stated “Christian Michel acknowledges knowing ‘Mrs. Gandhi’. Michel further reveals that he was in touch with ‘Mrs Gandhi’ and knew her since 1986-87”.

Now suspicions are getting zeroed down to one of India’s political dynasty. On Page 22, a dispatch dated 1st October 2009 stated “Meeting at the beginning of the week with regards to the Italian lady’s son. The gentlemen I met knew about our activity and felt we were well placed. Explained that this was well known but that we could not wait any longer. The gentleman confirmed that the son will be next Prime Minister and his power in the party is growing day by day. Hence, the Finance Minister’s extreme anxiety at the son’s phenomenal rise. The son will be asked this weekend to raise this matter with his mother as the mother is certainly not aware of all the facts”.

The notings had mentioned “RG” and days ago the Enforcement Directorate had said RG received Rs.50 crore between 2004 to 2016 in AgustaWestland deal. The ED application stated, “More than 50 crores is shown to have been received by ‘RG’ in between 2004 to 2016 whereas the ‘RG’ identified by Sushen Gupta, that is Rajat Gupta had admitted having cash transaction with Sushen Gupta from 2007 onwards and the same is being quantified”.


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