Education Sector Needs Accountability!

We need to increase accountability for better outcomes

It is often heard that poor outcomes in higher educational institutions and autonomous research institutions are because of lack of autonomy. However, the aspect of accountability is no where spoken about.

I feel that unless we have a proper procedure to ensure accountability, giving autonomy is not called for. So here is a small suggestion to go forward in this regard.

  1. We need to make a web portal where all UGC grade professors and scientists of autonomous institutions should make an account and update about their works every three months which will include publications, updates on the ongoing projects, attending seminars, outreach programs and so on.
  2. There must be an appraisal panel to assess the performance of every professor/scientist. The composition of panel(s) should be decided based on public opinion.
  3. Performance based incentive must be promoted.
  4. Promotion and appointments to higher posts must be based on these records.

This will create a transparent appraisal mechanism as well as make higher educational institutions and research institutions more accountable to the public. At the same time, low qualified people getting into higher positions through influence/corruption will be prevented. Performance of the individuals will improve due to accountability.

Akshara Damle

Twitter – @aksharadamle