Election Commission Announces dates for five Poll bound states

The election commission of India is an Autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election process in India. Friends, As I write this brief my Excitement levels are very high not only for me but also for Nation,especially among political class who are going to contest election. But thanks to Demonetization move announced by our PM Modi, Candidate expenditure has been reduced up to Rs.20 Lakhs, No more show of strength across all parties. I feel the Election Of five states across India 2017, will definitely be a historic one as it will be won only on Governance, development Agendas.

Let’s take a glance on the Dates announced by Chief Election Commission for Poll bound states— (Five States)

Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur, and Goa.

Uttar Pradesh to go to polls in 7 phase

Phase1 has 73 constituencies and poll for phase 1 will be February 11.

Phase 2 has 67 constituencies and date of poll is February 15.

Phase 3 has 29 constituencies & the polling will take place on February 19.

Phase 4 has 63 constituencies and the date of polls will be February 23.

Phase 5 the date of notification would be February 2, and the election would take place on February 27th.

Phase 6, the date of Notification would be on February 5th,and the date of polls will be on March 4th.

Phase 7,has 40 constituencies, the date of polls will be March 8th.

Poll Schedule for Manipur

Total seats 60- Election will be two phased,38 seats will go to polls in 1st phase, date of Notification would be on 8thFebruary, Last date of notification would be on 16th February,22 seats in second Phase, for these 22 seats poll schedule would be—the date of Notification would be on 11th February, Last date of nominate is on 18thFebruary, Nomnation would be on 20th February, elections would be held on March 8th.

Poll schedule for Uttarakhand:

Date of Notification would be on January 20th, last date of Nomination: 27th January, Election would be held on 15th February (Single Phase).

Poll Schedule for Punjab

Notification would be on -January 11th,2017, Last date to file Nomination would be on January 18th, 2017, scrutiny can be done-January 19,2017, Withdrawal would be on January 21, 2017, Election would be held on 4th February 2017.

Poll Schedule for Goa

Notification is on January,11th 2017, ofscrutiny on January 19th2017, Nomination would be on Jan 18th 2017.withdrawal of nomination of candidates is on January 22nd, 2017.Election date is on 4th February 2017.

Election Commission clearly lay its Guideline for these Poll bound states,telling that all states to go to Polls simultaneously, EC would also monitor all TV channels owned by the political Parties are doing publicity for any candidate and include same in candidate’s expense. It also encourages the use of social Media, also expresses its view of setting the Limits for expenses of candidate—

Rs.20 Lakhs for Manipur & Goa, Rs.28 Lakhs for UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand. Mr. Zaidi also stressed on the fact that no use of loudspeakers between 10 Pm to 6Pm, EC also urges parties to create conducive environment for Elections to be conducted in a free & fair manner, rather create a friendly atmosphere. Mr. Zaidi also gave the facts clearly that nearly 100% voters have electoral ID cards. He also clearly mentioned that there will be No Demand Certificate from candidate’s side. candidates will also be required to paste their photo on Nomination papers, he will be required to mention that he is citizen of India. Also, urges the fact that Model code of conduct comes into immediate effect, Ballot papers on Voting machines will have photo of candidates.

Mr. Naseem Zaidi CEC also said, Electoral roll of Goa will be published on January 5th, Manipur on 12th January, Punjab on January5th, Uttarakhand on 10th January, and UP on January 12th.Electronic Voting machines will be used in all states, Polling Stations will be friendly for persons with disability, polling stations will have 30 inch to 40-inch height of compartment to keep secrecy, there will be voter assistant in the polling booth. 1,85,000 Polling stations will be covered in all the five states. Dr. Zaidi also further added that the colourful voter guides will be introduced for every voter. Over 16 cr.Voters will participate in Elections. Electoral roll of Goa will be published on 5th January.690 Legislative assemblies will also go to Polls.

Now I will give you all the reactions from Political class as soon as the dates were announced for Polls:

“AAP is ready even if Polls are held tomorrow in Punjab”, says Kejriwal.

My guess is as good as mine with regards to Mr. kejriwal.

“AAP to announce Punjab CM candidate only after Elections, says Kejriwal”.

“Elections bring challenges, parties know it, says Sheila Dikshit”. Congress CM candidate for UP.

“UP election officials act like SP office bearers; important to replace them for fair elections, says KP Maurya, UP BJP President after announcement of poll dates.

Mr. Zaidi also further added,” EC examining claims of different factions ofSP on use of SP Poll symbol, will take a view on old practices and set principles”.

CEC stressed the fact that candidates would have to open a fresh bank Account for all election expenses above Rs. 20,000& it would be made through cheques from their respective Accounts. He also further added that donations will also be accepted through cheques/ Drafts.

Sidharth Nath Singh of BJP says “that if election expenses comes down it will be good”.

According to me this is a very good move by EC to set Guidelines by streamlining for candidates for free, fair elections. Setting the limit of expenses & opening of Accounts will lead for better Accountability & Governance.

Captain Amarinder Singh Says, “Dono Ki pitaai Karenge, Akali—BJP Ki bhi, Aur AAP Ki bhi, Unko haraayenge” in his tweet.

He also further added “we had requested the EC to conduct Polls in single phase in Punjab. Our manifesto is very comprehensive”, says Capt.. Amarinder Singh of Congress.

Mr. Zaidi further added “Commission has received one representations with regard to presentation of budget; examining it and will take call on it due course”.

Five states are going to go for polls, from February till May 2017, long duration for political class, for media (Comprising of TV channels, paid media, Social Media—Facebook, Twitter, etc.), all Political Pundits putting their Analytical brainswith their analysis, have to buckle themselves for their respective jobs to be done in a free fair and in a Justified manner. As a Political Economist when I assess the situation there will be a stiff competition but in the end, As  Chanaky’s Nitisaastraas,says, stay alert, and Rajaneta has to work only for Development & Transformation of its Prajaa, rather for the welfare of the People. I hope all the Candidates who are contesting on Poll bound states continue to work with the ultimate aim of Serving the people in their respective states, I hope you all agree with me. So, let’s wait & watch.

Jai Hind

Dr.S. Sukanya Iyer