How the UP election results will influence the Rajya Sabha and 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

Most of the exit polls had predicted a win for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. What many had failed to predict was a massive win for the BJP. The BJP’s win in the U.P & Uttarakhand elections ensured that they would now gain an advantage in the Rajya Sabha. This means that the BJP will have their say in electing the next president. An overwhelming majority in the largest state also makes them the favourite in the 2019 elections.

The BJP recovered from its abysmal performance in 2012 in U.P & exceeded its own expectations. They had won only 47 seats in 2012. The dramatic turnaround can be attributed to the saffron wave in the Hindi belt. They were guaranteed to win 310+ (may even go up to 325). But every victory is a result of perseverance. The BJP had woken up after the previous debacle in the state. In addition to it they also had a charismatic leader in PM Modi. The dream team of Modi& Shah were back at what they do best-working in interest of the common man.

The U.P elections can also be taken as a personal referendum on P.M Modi’s leadership. The results are also in favour of the historic demonetisation move, which have been widely appreciated across India’s largest state. Modi’s personal credibility & foresight have also been rewarded. The Uttar Pradesh win will further strengthen the Central Government’s say in the Upper House. This could help the Modi-led Government to push harder for some of the reforms which had been stuck in the Rajya Sabha due to political opposition on contentious matters such as land & labour.

Modi’s win also silences his long term opponents & critics as they had earlier questioned his work ethics & credibility. The win also ensured that women from the Muslim community had voted against triple talaq. Not all of them, but even a certain percentage in such a large state makes a significant difference.

To conclude this is a victory for Modi’s development agenda which prevailed over caste, creed & every possible factor that was capable of influencing the voter.

Alok Shetty