Embarrassment to Communist Govt as Kerala High Court said Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala can’t be enforced violently

In what could be a big blow for the Communist Government of Kerala and big relief to Sabarimala devotees Kerala High Court has come down heavily on the state police for excess use of power at Sabarimala

The bench headed by Justice PR Ramachandran asked the police not to implement the Supreme Court verdict violently on the devotees. The High Court directed the police for not using force on devotees. It also raised question on the wierd moves taken by the Communist Government for destroying the peace of devotees.
The Court asked the Government what was the need of imposing heavy restrictions on the temple? What is the motive behind the move?

The Court has also sought explanations on the move of the Government for not allowing devotees to stay at the temple premises.The court also took a dig at the lack of facilities at the temple. “A devotee who starts from Nilakkal could only find food at Sannidhanam”, it said.

The Justice made an oral observation that police are harassing genuine devotees and asked the Advocate General to be present to explain the same. The High Court has sought names of the officials deployed at Sabarimala by the Government and has questioned their capability by asking the Government to justify that all those officers are adequately trained in handling crowd at places of worship.

Few days back also, the Court had slammed the Government for being lineant with the police force and not taking any action against the police excesses during the protests. It also ordered the Government to initiate the departmental inquiry against the erring officials. It too questioned Government’s move of banning the media entry and directed that media personnel should not be blocked from visiting the Sabarimala temple

The Kerala Government is behaving violently with the devotees under the name of Supreme Court Verdict. It has imposed unnecessary restrictions on the devotes. There is complete ‘Jungle Raj’ in the state. Today itself the communist Government has jailed BJP General Secretary K Surendran in Kottarakara sub-jail. He was manhandled by police of the state and was denied basic facilities. He was jailed for defying police orders regarding late entry at the Sabarimala Temple Complex

“The police have charged me under non-bailable sections. I am no criminal, nor do I have any cases against me. They did not let me sleep, nor was I allowed water or to take my medicines. The police even roughed up my ‘Irumudi kettu’ (a mandatory holy kit to be taken to the temple),” said Surendran to media before jailed by the police.

It is not only the case there are many such reports of Kerala Government continually suppressing the devotees.
The court has taken good decision keeping in view the faith of devotees and to stop unnecessary interruption by Government who was exploiting the beliefs of people for their own political interests.

Source: Swarajya