End game for Maoists under Modi rule, NIA begins major crackdown on Maoists funding!

By now, it is very well understood that the naxals and Maoists in the country are fighting an existential crisis after the Modi government took over. The Maoists who had converted many places into the terror activity hub are now running for cover.

Just a week back, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had assured that in the next three years, India will be free of Maoists and naxal activity. A month back, the central government had reported as to how 44 districts which were affected by Maoists activity had been cleared. Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba had said the geographical spread of the LWE violence has shrunk significantly in the last four years due to a multi-pronged strategy involving security and development-related measures.

“There is no influence or negligible presence of LWE in 44 districts and most of the Naxal violence is confined now only to 30 worst-affected districts,” said the Home Secretary.

Now, the NIA has started massive crackdown on funding sources for Maoists which has made the terrorists lose their base in most part of the country. The NIA on Tuesday conducted around 15 raids in Jarkhand and West Bengal from where the Maoists were receiving massive funding.

The residences and offices in Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur and Durgapur of managers of different companies associated with purchase and transport of coal in coalfields were raided for their alleged role in providing funds for Left Wing Terror organisations.

According to reports, during raids, the NIA seized many documents pertaining to payments made to Amrapali and Magadh Area Committe,

bank account details and fixed deposits, deduction of levy amount, computers, hard discs, mobiles containing accounts of companies, diaries containing entries of money paid to TPC and PLFI (Peoples Liberation Front of India), cash Rs.68 lacs in Indian currency besides 10,000 Singapore dollars and 1300 US dollars along with Rs 86,000 demonetized currencies.

The TOI reported that after the massive crackdown on separatists funding in Kashmir, the NIA has turned their guns against the Maoists. The report also shows that massive amount of money was collected from 90 odd naxalism-affected districts which were used by  leaders of left wing for their political gains. They were also invested real estate, bullion and businesses. Times of India

NIA report says LWE groups collect money from individuals,small business houses, big industries, tendu patta contractors, government works like – railway, road, bridge, school and centres. In the coal and steel producing areas, Naxals extort money from stone crusher owners, transporters and local contractors. They also collect funds in the form of membership fee from villagers while ration supply, daily need items are from sympathizers. The bank robberies, kidnap are all ploy to loot public and private money said the report.

They also threaten businessman to provide huge materials to their camps like clothing, shoes, rice, lentils and oil, which are passed on to the Maoists through overground supporters. According to a conservative estimate by different agencies Maoists must be getting funding of Rs 100 to Rs 120 crore every year.

NIA also said that Maoists hide their money in different ways, sometimes they hide their money with the source itself and take it whenever they require. Large amounts are neatly packed in multiple layers of polythene and kept inside a metal box, and then concealed in the forest by digging pits. In several areas, the money is kept with their trust worthy person.
The hard cash and funds are invested on gold biscuits, fixed deposits, purchase of real estate, properties, flats, plots and other immovable properties.
It is also found that the money is also being used by top political leaders to fund their children education abroad and their political activities. But according to NIA, most of the funds are utilized on acquiring weapons, ammunition and explosives from the grey arms market. Vert little amount is spent on propagation of their agenda like books and prints.
In order to tackle this, the central government has formed a multi-disciplinary group which has officers from central agencies, including from the IB, NIA, CBI, ED and DRI, and state police to crack down on the funding of Naxals.

Source and Credit: Times of India

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