Is this the end of Pakistan? Will India team up with Israel and destroy Pakistani nuclear reactors? Read why Pakistani media is so tensed about PM Modi’s Israel visit

3 nations are keenly watching PM Modi’s Israel visit. First 2 nations are obviously India and Israel, the 3rd nation is Pakistan. Now you may be thinking why Pakistan is keenly observing Modi’s visit? Well, it is because of fear.

The mood of Pakistan is clearly evident in their news channels and newspapers. In prime time shows, the main topic of discussion is Modi’s Israel visit. Pak media is hoping that India won’t secretly sign any agreements with Israel that will prove deadly to Pakistan.

Will India destroy Pakistani nuclear reactors?

This is the trending topic in Pakistani media because Israel had previously entered Syria and Iraq to destroy the under construction nuclear reactors (these are the 2 nations where ISIS is highly active). Pakistan is no less than Syria and Iraq when it comes to promoting terrorism. So the Pak Media knows that it’s talent lies in exporting terrorists to various nations. So now they are in a fear that India will attack Pakistan using Israeli technology.

Pakistan media also mentioned that several decades ago on a joint mission with India, Israeli forces had entered Pakistan to destroy its nuclear reactors. Now Pakistan is expecting such kind of covert operations. And they know that if Modi decides, than it will be accomplished for sure.

Pakistan is tensed of purchase of drones

Pakistan didn’t forget that India is a large purchaser of Israeli defence items. Apart from this, they are bothered of the fact that India will purchase drones massively from Israel. India and Israel inked mega defence deals worth over $2 billion for advanced surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems, which are designed to destroy hostile aircraft, missiles and drones at a range of 70-km. Pakistan is also expecting a drone attack from India.

This year, India and Israel are marking 25 years of their diplomatic relations. So there is high chances that a big defence deal will be inked.

Modi and Benjamin pose similar mentality:

Indian are not saying this but the Pakistanis are debating on this point. Israel is very aggressive when handling Palestine and even India takes a tough stand when it comes to Pakistan. So Pakistan thinks that their dirty trick across the border will come to a halt.

A Pakistani political commentator Ghumman said that India and Israel are teaming up to work against Islamabad. He also called the relationship between India and Israel as an old nexus which is actively working to counter Pakistan.

Security analyst Brig Ghazanfar Ali said there were similarities between Hindu nationalism and Jewish nationalism. He also said that Pakistan should be very careful in its defence activities.

PM Modi is on a visit to Israel and is focusing mainly on exchange of agricultural and science and technology information. But Pakistan has lost its peace of mind due to this. They are highly positive that this visit will prove deadly to them. Some are expecting that their nuclear sites will be bombed and rest are expecting that Pakistani Army will have a bad time.

India never initiated a war but if it does then Pakistan’s existence is endangered.

Jai to PM Modi’s diplomacy!!!

Nishika Ram