Is this the end of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi political career?!

Since few years now, the Congress party has been struggling to survive. If you think it all started after appointing Rahul Gandhi as the Vice President, you are wrong. If we analyse, the downfall of Congress party started in the year 2011, when numerous scams were exposed and Congress was virtually in an ICU.

Their credibility was lost, there was no governance and no leader. With Rahul Gandhi being posed as the next option, they fooled the country depicting him as a superior genius but what the country saw was the face of a low IQ kid who even after 44 years did not understand anything about India.

Since then they have taken all wrong decisions which has only exposed their true colours to the world. Their support to terrorists Ishrat jahan, Shorabuddin and the conspiracy theory which they created about Hindu terrorism was the biggest mistake which made them lose trust among people. The Congress party has always neglected Hindu in their effort to appease minorities for votes. The Hindu community tolerated them for over 60 years, but were betrayed badly from the Gandhi dynasty which made them lose hope and strongly believe that Congress cared nothing other than votes.

When Congress and especially Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are battling corruption and existence battle, they have committed the biggest blunder of their life by slaughtering the cow in public to appease minority sections. When the government had made no BAN on beef but had regulated the existing rules, it was absolutely foolish to brutally kill a cow hurting the sentiments of millions of Hindus.

For Hindus, cow is much more than an animal, they worship, they treat it as God. So killing, butchering and making fun of Hindus is the last thing one would chose unless they want to destroy themselves in politics. The scene where Congress MLA killed the cow chanting Congress Zindabaad was definitely not well received by people through out India. People were disturbed and angered with the incident.

Under the Sec 295, 295 A  and 153 of the Indian Penal Code hurting the sentiments of any religion is a punishable offence.

The North India is called the cow belt of India, where people consider cow as their mother. And  also many parts in South India, people give high regard for cows. After the incident of cow slaughter by Congress, people have been triggered badly which have made them believe Rahul Gandhi should be thrown out of India.

So he has literally angered the Hindus who have now turned against Congress. This will have major impact on upcoming elections in Gujarat and Karnataka in which Congress may face huge setback. While Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are already in the verge of losing their posts in Congress, this incident has made them further weak and probably it is the beginning of the end of the Gandhi dynasty!

Aishwarya S