“I am English by education, a Muslim by culture, just born as a Hindu by accident,” said Jawaharlal Nehru and we voted for his dynasty for so long!

The Congress party made moves to deconstruct the Ram Setu, which is solid evidence from Ramayana lying between Kanyakumari and Sri Lanka

It has been more than 6 decades since India obtained independence. The Mughals ruled the country for nearly 500 years, and the British ruled it for more than 200 years. There were three major purposes behind invaders targeting this great nation time and again – Gold, God and Glory. Gold or the material resources of India were a major attraction for invaders to arrive and loot. God was yet another, for both Islamic invaders as well as Christian invaders arrived with their religions and with intentions to convert as many Indians as possible to Islam and Christianity. Glory, on the other hand, was a subjective factor that all forms of invaders felt in occupying colonies and imposing dominance over them.

While gold and glory were achieved greatly by the colonisers of India, God or religion was the one thing they found hard to propagate here. It is true that numerous Hindus converted themselves to either Islam or Christianity owing to fear, but there were double the number of people who chose a dignified death over ungraceful conversion. However, the sad fact is that even after India obtained hard-earned independence from all colonisers in 1947, too many slaves were left behind who rose to positions of power later. A pioneer amongst such British slaves was the most unfortunate first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru himself. Shamelessly, the man had once quoted “I am English by education, an international advocate by thoughts, a Muslim by culture, just born as a Hindu by accident.” [Reference – Violation of Hindu HR – Need for a Hindu Nation |||, V.Sundaram (Retired IAS Officer)]

Having said the above, Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t even make efforts to hide his shameless inclination towards the colonisers, strategizing and implementing policies that only made progress a distant dream for India. The same dynasty of his ruled India for 60 long and slow years. Well, they deserve credit for the extent of strategizing for that to happen. There was also an additional fact that the opposition parties of Congress were not strong enough to uproot India’s oldest political party, which left the citizens of India with no choice but to bring them to position. Though the country supported Congress for this reason, the party has assumed that Hindus will support the party regardless of their inconsiderate means, and has sustained its nature of inconsideration since then.

For all the years Congress has ruled India, they have not only deprived India of its material resources and potential for fast progress, but also its underlying identity. Attempts to impose immigrant cultures and religions at the cost of Hinduism have been consistent throughout the Congress rule. Have a look at these examples –

• Consider the example of Karnataka, where the Siddharamiah government provided complete security for Eid Milad celebrations, but imposed a list of restrictions for Datta Jayanthi celebrations in Chikmaglur.
• The ‘Hanuma Yathre’, or the procession in the name of Lord Hanuman took place every year, since 25 years through the Hanasur and other major roads of Mysore. The Congress government imposed a restriction on the procession, providing lame reasons such as land order issues.
The same government which imposed land order on Hanuma Yathre let the Tippu Jayanthi celebrations go on over the same roads. What happened to the issues then?
• They called the foundational stone of Hindutva, the Ramayana and Lord Ram as ‘imaginary elements with no evidences for having existed.’
• The Congress party made moves to deconstruct the Ram Setu, which is solid evidence from Ramayana lying between Kanyakumari and Sri Lanka. Reasons given were that ships cannot pass through the setu, while Nitin Gadkari made clear validations that the Ram Setu need not be touched in order to ease ways out for ships. Subramanian Swamy has now pledged to safeguard the monument of Ram Setu and even have it declared as a National Heritage Monument.
• The very place where Lord Ram was born, Ayodhya, was restricted from having a Ram temple. More so, the Babri Masjid which is known to have been established over the destroyed ruins of a Hindu temple was defended by the party, as was its creator – an imperial ruler named Babur.
• With a mad zeal to stop Narendra Modi from making impacts, the party has even opposed the observation of International Yoga Day. What are they trying to prove here?
• Bhagvadgita was confined from being taught at schools, stating that it would be ‘saffronization’ of education. Well, convent schools and Christian practices imposed on students are all secular.
• While America has employed a Sanskrit language oriented approach in order to construct a binary computer language, Congress has always marginalized Sanskrit as a communist language and preferred Urdu and Arabic. Arabic was even included as an optional subject in schools.
• Pretty much all Hindu traditions such as Jallikattu, Kambala, Deepavali (with regard to crackers), Holi(with regard to molestation issues), Dahi Handi, and more have been ‘banned’. And yes, Hindus were even asked not to carry out Ganpati visarjan because Eid celebrations would be disturbed.
• And when we thought the ridiculousness might end at religious propaganda, the military has not been spared either. When the head of army himself made a statement regarding the surgical strike over Pakistan, Congress demanded ‘proof’. There are also ample instances where Mani Shankar Aiyer met Pakistani diplomats for discussion regarding settlement of Kashmiri issues through handing over Kashmir to Pakistan.
• When the Modi government imposed a ban on cow slaughter, Congress activists in Kerala ruthless slaughtered a cow on the streets, in front of cameras and consumed the same. This extent of ridiculousness cannot even be commented upon.

For the ridiculousness we have endured for the past 70 years, the 3 years have been the biggest relief India has ever seen. But the extremists do not even stop questioning the positive trends brought about by Narendra Modi. The clear fact is that, Congress does not even deserve to be in opposition, it is time we wipe out the dynasty for good.

Trisha Jay**