Even after being India’s Vice-president for 10 years, Hamid Ansari felt Muslims are insecure in India! Now, he has once again hurt 1.31 billion Indians with his new controversial statement, do you know what he said?

Months ago, when his tenure as India’s vice-president was about to get over, Hamid Ansari had said that “A feeling of unease and insecurity is creeping in among Muslims in India. Overall, the very fact that Indianness of any citizen being questioned is a disturbing thought”. This had hurt the millions of Indians who respect him throughout his tenure of 10 years as India’s vice-president.

Now, he has triggered another controversy by supporting the students of Aligarh Muslim University who are not willing to remove the portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinnah handing in their cover. In an event in Delhi, Hamid Ansari expressed his support to the student of AMU and said that ‘their (AMU students’) peaceful stir against the transgression is commendable’.

What else was said by Hamid Ansari that has hurt by the 1.31 billion Indians?

  • The peaceful protest by the (AMU) students against this transgression is commendable. They must ensure that it does not in any way interfere with their academic pursuits.
  • Their request that action be taken against the intruders and disruptors, after a judicial enquiry, is justified. The authorities of the AMU have made a similar request,” he wrote in a letter to AMU Students Union.
  • In view of it, the access of the intruders to close proximity of the University Guest House where I was staying remains unexplained.
  • This has been rightly condemned by the students and teachers of AMU as also by the AMU alumni the world over.

The above were the statements made by Hamid Ansari.

This is not the first time when Hamid Ansari had triggered controversy. He had once attended an event in Kerala on Saturday, that was organised by Popular Front of India (PFI). It is a known fact that PFI activists were caught several times while conspiring to kill the Hindu leaders and activists.

BJP had slammed Mr Ansari by saying “A person who was the Vice President of the country for 10 years should not have taken part in a programme organised by an outfit which is under the scanner of the National Investigation Agency”. BJP Karnataka leader CT Ravi had said “Hamid Ansari is a classic case of a person spitting in the plate he ate food. Indians will never forgive Sonia for elevating a Mullah as VP”.

Whereas advocate Ishkaran Singh Bhandari, who is seen with Dr Subramanian Swamy, said “Since Hamid Ansari encourages Jihadi killers of PFI, Govt of India should stop his benefits & pensions, tax payer don’t want to pay for him”.

The Indians came to know that the Jinnah’s portrait (the man who was responsible for the death of lakhs of Hindus) is still hanging in AMU after a BJP MP threw light on this. Reacting to this, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath had said “there is no question of celebrating Muhammad Ali Jinnah in India. Jinnah divided this country. How can we celebrate his achievements? I have asked for an inquiry (into the clash in AMU). We will act as soon as the report is submitted”.

Source: Republicworld.com

Hansika Raj