Even Congress leaders can’t stop praising PM Modi’s developmental model! Shashi Tharoor says follow Gujarat model of reconstruction

Finally the hard core Modi hater and the person who has always looked for a chance to disgrace Prime Minister Modi knowingly or unknowingly has taken a u-turn on the path and has praised work of PM Modi

I am talking about the most controversial Congress senior leader Shri Shashi Tharoor. Attending a conference that was held recently for discussion on the reconstruction of Kerala post the devastating floods the senior leader praised the efficiency of the Gujarat Government in reconstructing the state, devastated after the horrible earthquake that rocked the region in 2001.

“The Gujarat model of reconstruction after the 2001 earthquake is an excellent model to be adopted for the reconstruction of Kerala. We should learn from Gujarat and follow the methods implemented there,” he said while inaugurating the 4th State Conference of Credai Kerala.

The leader further addressed that currently Kerala needs socially committed and sustainable model of construction. But sustainable model of construction will not happen when deforestation and illegal constructions are damaging the environment. “We need more expertise in building homes that can resist and survive landslides,” he added

So the senior controversial Congress leader Shashi Tharoor too has accepted PM Modi’s style of work and is infact guiding the other states to adopt the same model. The Gujarat model of reconstruction, the senior Congress leader is taking about has been implemented after Gujarat was rocked on 26 January 2001, with its epicenter in Bhuj. The earthquake, that measured 7.7 on the magnitude of Richter scale, killed approximately 17000-20000 people and injured more than 1 – 1.5 lakh people in total. Apart from loss to life, several crores of properties were also damaged. The entire town of Bhuj was destroyed, while Ahmedabad, which was not very far from the epicenter, also suffered serious damages.

But it was the efforts of Prime Minister Modi, who revived the state of Gujarat after such a tragic incident. PM Modi, unlike his predecessor or contemporaries in other states, refused to take the disaster lying down. Instead of indulging in politics and whataboutery, he himself took the charge of reconstruction efforts in Gujarat the moment he took oath as CM of Gujarat.

The approach under the Gujarat Model of development was simple yet effective.Following were the objectives of the policy used by the Gujarat government in the reconstruction of towns and properties damaged by the earthquake

Sustainable development
Repairing damaged houses
Building and Strengthening houses destroyed in Earthquake, along with public buildings
Revival of the Economy
Strengthening the Health Support system
Reconstruction of the Community and Social Infrastructure etc

It is strange on the part of Congress leader but a very welcome move on our part in which finally the Congress leader who has not left even a single opportunity to disgrace Prime Minister Modi has finally appreciated PM Modi’s Gujarat Model of Development

Source: Hindu Business Line