Even Congress party doesn’t trust Rahul Gandhi! Now P Chidambaram says “Congress never said ‘Officially’ Rahul Gandhi should be the PM”

The Grand Old Party is well known for its twist of tongue and caught in act moments since decades together. Here comes Congress with a twist of tongue again. This time caught in a direct attack at the most loved Congress President himself, giving a major shock to the shehzada of Congress.

It has been just a day after senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid claimed that it will be difficult for the Congress to win 2019 elections on its own, another top party leader P Chidambaram has snubbed Rahul Gandhi:

“The Congress party never said officially that Rahul Gandhi should be installed as prime minister. When one or two persons spoke about it, the AICC leadership asked them not to discuss the issue. We don’t have an issue over prime ministership,” said the Congress Leader to News 18 Tamil TV channel.

“That is our intention. The Congress party never said the Prime Minister should be from the party. Rahul Gandhi never said so. An alliance should take shape, that alliance should win, and the alliance parties will decide who will be the prime minister,” he added.

Well, the Congress President must be in a greater shock with his statement from his own team mates. People supposed to be cheering up for the Prime Ministerial candidate of Congress are now backing off with a major twist in the story! The game is turning quite interesting with each day and the end result will be a huge surprise.

Revealing their intentions and adding weightage to his statements, the former Finance Minister said the primary focus of Congress party is to remove BJP Government from power and establish their Government or replacing it with a progressive alternative. Removing BJP from power is the only motive they follow.

Earlier it was the top Congress leader Salman Khurshid who had said in an interview claiming that it will be difficult for the Congress party to win on its own in the 2019 general elections. Khurshid stated that Congress needs allies to win and will have to make compromises for the same.

Analyzing these signs of statements from the Congress leaders, can we arrive into a conclusion that the Congress has given up hopes? Has the opposition lost its level of over confidence? Well, have they realized it would be a quite tough battle this time against the most loved Prime Minister? Are they many more statements coming up? Time will answer these questions and also the state of Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

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