Even hardcore Modi hater Barkha Dutt couldn’t stop herself from praising BJP’s victory in Tripura! But the way she mocked Congress is the one you shouldn’t really miss reading

When we fail, our supporters motivate us. When we succeed, they join the celebration party. But the pleasure you get when our opponents praise us cannot be defined in words. Today, one such incident has happened where a hardcore Modi hater has praised the victory of the BJP in Tripura elections.

What is even more hilarious is that Barkha Dutt even mocked at the dismal performance given by Rahul Gandhi’s Congress. Have a look at her tweet!

  • Staggering victory of BJP in Tripura Election 2018 where the party quite literally didn’t exist in the last election. Squeezed out the Congress entirely, broke 25 year old Left stranglehold with old fashioned political groundwork led by Ram Madhav. Congratulations!

In another statement, she mocked the Congress saying it doesn’t have organisational strategists. “The key to winning is election machinery and organisational strategists like Sunil Deodhar -the on ground brains of the Tripura Election 2018. the Congress is sorely lacking on both counts”, she said.

When she was associated with the NDTV, she never ever praised the historic moves of PM Modi. But now she has realized the efforts put forth by the Modi government to build and repair the nation; which was never done by Congress party.

Even Nidhi Razdan couldn’t stop herself from praising PM Modi. She said “Remarkable performance by BJP today, the way they campaigned, changing their rhetoric on issues like beef ban etc with a clear fire to win. That’s the fire lacking in the opposition. Meanwhile, the Left heading into oblivion”.

According to her words, BJP literally squeezed the Congress party. This indicates the spell cast by the BJP in the minds of the public with its developmental agenda. The BJP had secured just 1.3 percentage vote shares in the 2013 elections. To your surprise, BJP had merely managed to save its “deposit money” only in a single constituency.

But this time, BJP has garnered nearly 50 percentage of the casted votes with ease. Congress has lost its deposits in almost all the constituencies. Perhaps, this was the impact of Rahul Gandhi. People have linked Rahul Gandhi with the popular mathematician Aryabhatta.

Not because Rahul Gandhi is as smart as Aryabhatta but because he managed to secure “zero” seats in Tripura and Nagaland. Days ago, when the Congress won a couple of by-poll elections in certain states, the paid media create a narrative that Modi wave is no more. But now, it is once again proved that there is only one wave and that is “Modi wave”.

  • Aryabhatta invented the number 0 so that Rahul Gandhi would find it easy to define himself.

Rahul Gandhi proved once again that he is the biggest liability to the Congress party!

  • Lutyens Durbaris can write opeds, hire big analytics, corporates to elevate his image but the fact is Rahul Gandhi is a political liability to Congress. Congress is virtually wiped off from their bastion. To save his face, he ran off from the country.

Middle class are angry with PM Modi? Its an absolute false narrative promoted by Congress party!

There was this constant chitter-chatter among the media cronies about the angry middle-class narrative. They would be hiding in their holes seeing BJP foray into states where it wasn’t even in a running a few years back.

Both, Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah are party president, but look at their priorities!

  • While Amit Shah will be travelling to North-East today for crucial Coalition discussion in Meghalaya and Nagaland, Congress president is busy vacationing in Rome leaving a huge vacuum in decision making process. Different leaders and different priorities.

Rahul Gandhi can’t even take responsibility of his own party’s defeat. So, it’s fool enough to trust on him and vote for him.

Hansika Raj