Every house in India will have electricity connection in the next 50 days!

When PM Modi took power as PM, he had promised to provide electricity to every house hold in the country, he had promised to provide toilets and basic facilities. Even before the completion of 5 years, looks like he is near to achieving all those targets which has gained massive appreciation world wide.

The government which wanted to complete the work by 2018 December, is far ahead from its deadline and has completed all electrification process. There are few villages in which the final connection are being given and within next 50 days, the entire country will have electricity said the government.

The power minister informed that every day one lakh household is getting an electricity connection. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana ‘Saubhagya’ for universal household electrification at the budget of Rs 16,320 crore. Under the scheme, the government aims to provide free of cost electricity connections to all households (both APL and poor families) in rural areas and poor families in urban areas.

In April 2018, the government had announced that there was 100% electrification of villages, which means making infrastructure available for making electricity available to each and every village. The next target is to make electricity available to each household. Over 18,000 villages were not electrified when the Narendra Modi government took over in 2014.

Global energy watchdog International Energy Agency (IEA) recently called India a star performer for 100% village electrification. It said it one of greatest success stories of access to energy in 2018 and that the next step of 100% household electrification will be a huge step towards universal household access.

The Modi government has definitely achieved what others could not achieve in 70 years. The question is if Modi government could have done it in 4 years, why did not others give a try? Especially Congress government which has ruled the country for 60 years was not even able to achieve 50% electrification even after 50 years. They were unable to give bank accounts to more than 50% of Indian population which the Modi government did in less than 4 years. Financial Express

The only reason Congress could not fulfill any promises made by them 50 years back, was because they never wanted to do anything and just aimed to fool people in the name of minority appeasement, Garibi Hatao and fancy slogans.

Today if someone asks what did the Modi government achieve in 5 years, probably a poster would not be enough to list their achievements. Because most of the schemes, policies and initiatives have not just benefited people but have set world records. The Jan, Dhan, Mudra, LPG, Electricity, Swachh Bharat, Insurance schemes, House for all, Namo Care- Ayushman Bharat, Vaccination for all, Scholarships schemes, soil heath cards, River linking, Road constructions, OROP, Army benefits, Make In India, Start Up India, Stand Up India, curbing corruption, benami property law, Bankruptcy Law, clearing NPA mess, demonetization, GST and what not!

These have literally put the country’s economy back on track which was suffering from the UPA mess. Indeed Narendra Modi needs a big applause for achieving so much in such short span which has brought a new hope in the country.

This is called DEVELOPMENT!!!

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