Every Indian must know about the Heroes who made Article 370 obsolete

On 5th August a thumping victory was achieved by the centre. It was the day when both history and geography of Jammu and Kashmir was rewritten.

The social media is buzzing with congratulatory memes  and edits, describing PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah as best finishers.

Are Modi and Shah the only people behind this massive success???

As much as they deserve the credit, there are few other leaders who must be remembered and paid respect in this time. Some of them have laid down their life to abolish this curse on Jammu Kashmir.

  • B. R. Ambedkar :

The article 370 which gives special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir was strongly opposed by our “Samvidhana Shilpi”. When Pandit Nehru approached Dr.Ambedkar to draft article 370,he condemned such act which questions solidarity of India.

Just give a thought, what if Dr. Ambedkar had agreed to include article 370 in the constitution, what would have happened? Not only the ‘temporary’ draft would have become a permenantly status and there was no chance, of even attempting to remove article 370. Even if it was attempted with a strong will, it would have become ‘Unconstitutional’ and would be considered an insult to Dr. Ambedkar.

Hence we should be ever thankful to Dr. Ambedkar.

  • Shri Shyam Prasad Mukherjee:

jahaan huge the balidaan mukherjee

 Woh kashmir hamara hai”

Dr. Shyam Prasad Mukherjee, opposed the policies of Nehru government and protested against the atrocities on Hindu in East Bengal.

In 1953, during protest to save sovereignty of India, the government arrested him, subjected him to such brutal torture, Shyam Prasad Mukherjee breathed his last in the jail on 23rd of June 1953.

He was the one who sacrificed his life for sake of Kashmir. His ‘balidan’ was the spark which kindled the fire of nationalism many. This victory should be dedicated to him.

  • Atal ji and Advani ji:

The article 370 implementation was driven by a political motive and these two leaders were very well aware of this conspiracy.

The Congress party had its hold on entire India, and these two gentlemen nurtured BJP with their sweat and blood to stand against the vast dynasty of Congress.

Even after having the virtue to remove article 370, Atalji couldn’t, because of a coalition government which had left parties who were in support of Article 370.

They didn’t had an absolute majority in Rajyasabha too, but this didn’t stop these two leaders from being the ultimate support to our armed forces.

Today Modiji and Amit Shah ji, has built a biggest political party in the world, on the foundation built by these two ‘Gurus’. A heartfelt salutes to them.

  • Ajit Doval:

What to say about this man!!!!! It feels like he is straight out of a superhero comic book,only difference being all his adventure are REAL. He is like Cheetah waiting for hunt. Silent and meticulous planning.

He is the ‘National Security Advisor’ since modiji assumed office as prime Minister. He had minutes details of the situation in Kashmir. In the modi government 2.0 he was promoted to  cabinet level

The way this whole event turned out without a slightest disturbance in the valley, law and order under control. He deserves to be lauded. His planning of Surgical strikes have ‘struck’ Pakisthan so strongly, Pakisthan is not even thinking of having any misadventures.

  • Shri Amit Shah:


The ‘Modern Chanakya took up the matter of Kashmir very immediately after assuming office as Home Minister. Abolishment of Article 370 had made into every manifesto of BJP till date. But Amit Shah knew when exactly to strike. He brought the valley under control, broke alliance with PDP, and when iron was hot, he struck hard and precise by bringing Presidential order into picture.

This move is no less than a surgical strike.

  • Narendra Damodar Das Modi:

It was 1992,the valley was burning. This man didn’t even care for the threats by the terrorists and hoisted our ‘tricolour’ in Lal chowk. As a karyakartha he had protested against article 370 and as a prime minister he laid the article to 370 to rest.

Modi is not an ordinary man. He is a visionary. He exactly know when and how to carry out any actions in favor of national integrity.

The way he handled Uri and Pulwama attacks, the aftermath, the surgical strikes and armed forces being given absolute free hand are part of his commitment towards the national security.

In his first tenure as prime Minister, Modiji did not try to introduce the bill, as the govt lacked majority in Rajyasabha. Our opposition, who oppose everything for sake of opposing would have made sure the bill won’t get pass.

So, Modiji waited for the right time. As a preparatory measures he took away the security given to the separatists and their properties were seized. The valley was brought under control. As soon as he began his second innings, he created history.

A very interesting point to be noted is, the possibility of similar actions  taken in case of Ram Mandir too. The Shia Muslims have already rendered their support, and Supreme Court will hear the case on daily basis now. It’s just a matter of time….

Mandir wahi banayenge

  • Last but not the least, people who voted for Narendra Modi:

Even after being unhappy about the candidate of their constituency, even after standing in cues in front of bank, people of India voted for him and only him. No goodies like liquor or cooker could buy people’s vote.

This brought a powerful mandate with absolute majority with more than 300 seats to the NDA.

We believed in him, we kept our faith in his promises, we voted for him. So let’s pat our back and say proudly yes we too are part of this history making.

One thing is for sure, Maa Bharathi will regain her prosperity, her son Narendra Modi will make sure of it. India is stepping towards becoming Vishwa guru. Let’s walk hand in hand, in support of these leaders.

Vande matharam

Dr Sindhu Prashanth