Every Indian should read this sensational letter! A bone-chilling letter by Lt Colonel Purohit explains how he was tortured under the UPA government!

In another sensational revelation by TimesNow, TimesNow has accessed letter of Lt. COL Shrikant Purohit written to National Human Rights Commission( NHRC) in December 2013,  that describes the extent of how brutally he was tortured by the ATS officers as well as some of the Army Officers while he was in custody.

The 24- Page letter describes the state of utmost horror that Lt. COL Purohit had gone through. Who was the officers who tortured him? How he was tortured? The letter puts in front all the minute details. He has also named 6 officers particularly in the letter who made him suffer.

Lt. COL Purohit, claims he was stripped, beaten and threatened to own up to a crime that he never committed. And all this was well planned much before to trap him. Narrating what he went through he has written  “After initial questions, it was Colonel R.K Shrivastava who initiated brutal physical assault and also verbally abused my mother, wife and sister. Everything was pre-rehearsed and planned, the officers of inspector level of Maharashtra ATS along with some other constables pinned me down to my chair, holding my hands behind my back and pulled my hairs thereby exposing my face to blows”.

He also explains further “By now my shirt was removed, my trousers was lowered, ATS Paramvir took over the slapping and kicking”. My private parts were twisted and hairs pulled from my chest and private parts. I was made to face hell. This continued continuously for 5-6 days

ATS Paramvir, Colonel R.K Shrivastava and Hemant Karkare wanted me to confess the crime that I never made. They even threatened me to strip my mother, wife and sister and parade them naked. They also planned to plant explosives at my residence and army Headquarters if I didn’t confess. He has also written in the letter that the officers were not listening to any of his concerns. Everything fell dumb on their ears.

Earlier also while hearing of the case, Lieutenant-Colonel Purohit has levelled similar allegations of torture against the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in court. At that time also he put these details in front that he was taken to a safe house in Khandala where he was interrogated and tortured. He told the additional judge Y.D. Shinde: “I was beaten very badly. My legs were spread 180 degrees. I was not able to walk. My wrists were also tied to a pole. As a result, I cannot use the fingers of my right hand and there is no sensation in my hand from the wrist upwards. ATS officers told me that they would plant RDX in my houses in Pune and Pachmarhi. I was interrogated by the Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh police and the CBI.The Haryana police and the CBI threatened me with an encounter. The ATS has threatened me in a similar manner a number of times. Their officers used obscene language about my mother and questioned my paternity. I am confident that I am not going to get a fair treatment from the ATS.” (The Hindu)

Lieutenant-Colonel Purohit wife has also admitted that he had been complaining about this right since the beginning. He had made this complaint in NHRC. We have proofs also that he was tortured in custody. Medical Reports claims that he was brutally assaulted.

Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has also stated “It is a fact that he was subjected to torture. And that has such a mental effect on him that he hates to even talk about this”

It’s really astonishing that the letter was written in 2013, then why no investigation was carried out. The army officer was making a claim that he was being horribly tortured but still no action was taken. Nobody looked into the matter. Why?

Currently, Activist Neeraj Gunde has sought probe into the matter. Activist has raised the matter with the current PMO. He has sought an investigation into the matter. Rightly, the investigation should be carried out and if claims stand right all those who have shamed humanity and has used their power illegally should be punished.

(Disclaimer: Neither the author or Postcard.news are responsible for any wrong information. The article was written based on inputs from Times Now)

Source : Times Now