What if Every Politician in India Worked Like Narendra Modi?

Before answering this question, it is important for us to see how Narendra Modi works. It was the time when very handful of people knew about Mr. Narendra Modi and he was made Chief Minister. He had no experience of working in government; he had not stayed as an MLA or MP or even as a municipal councillor. He rose to the position of CM directly. However his keenness to learn the job made him capable to become one of the most successful Chief Ministers of India. The growth trajectory of Gujarat took a new height under his leadership. However, this paradigm shift didn’t come simply but there was a hard work by the Chief Minister and his team.
Similarly, when Sri Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, there were huge expectations from him. Accordingly he worked too. A senior bureaucrat who was not an appreciator of Narendra Modi before he started working under him had shared within his close circles that he has seen PM working for more than 48 hours continuously. Journalist Rahul Kanwal had tweeted once wondering how Prime Minister is attending programs on successive days soon after landing from US, whereas he was still struggling with jetlag. Despite so much of travelling, meetings, Prime Minister is busy in delivering new programs, new projects, new ideas, new reforms and to some new shocks!
Since NDA came to power in 2014, several socio – economic indicators of India have improved. India has jumped 12 positions to be ranked at 130 in Ease of doing business and jumped to 66th position from 81 in Global Innovation Index. India has registered its place in top 10 countries attracting FDI and it is one of the leading markets in PPP projects and is considered as mature market along with Japan and South Korea. The main reason for this has been quoted by the reports as ‘political will’.
Several government services are easily accessible to the people than earlier. The accountability of government officials has been increased very much. The number of complaints received by grievance redressal cell in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) shows that the trust that people have with the PM. Schemes like Jandhan Yojana, Skill India, Swatcha Bharat, Ujwala, Ujala, MUDRA and so on are helping India in reforming and transforming itself.
Singapore was struggling with a variety of problems before it got a leader like Lee Kuan Yew. He was a decisive and gave a direction to the growth story of Singapore and it has become one of major destination for investment, market and innovation. Something similar is evolving in India under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. If every politician works like him with the same care for people and dedication for country without any self interest, then we can see every mohalla sabhas and gram sabhas transforming their local areas and the quality of life of the people will change significantly and no doubt that India will lead the world.

Akshara Damle
You can reach the author on twitter @aksharadamle