Here is Why Every True Indian Should Boycott ‘Dangal’!

The trailer is great, isn’t it? Great actions, great performance, all would want to watch the story to know the lives of the girls.

There is absolutely no problem about then movie, the problem is with the actor. Probably nobody would have questioned the movie if the actor had been really the one who believed in Nationalist ideology or principles. But the reason why it now feels like Aamir Khan is deserves no affection and trust from people is because of his unforgivable acts of maligning India in International level.

We often believed that Aamir Khan was a perfectionist and people thought whatever he did can never go wrong. His episodes on Satyameva Jayate gained immense support and popularity when he raised the issues of common people. He was regarded as the person who really cared about the society. But what we failed to notice was did he ever find solutions to the problems??Or did he offer solutions to the problems?? Expect for few, what mostly he highlighted was the problems of the society and indirectly mocked the practices of few.

But we people thought raising the issues alone would stop all problems of society. So we people often give importance to people who COMPLAIN and blame those who find SOLUTION to the problem. Demonetization is a typical example…we praised all people who gave BIG SPEECHES and mouth service to End corruption, but MOCKED the man who actually did something to end corruption!

Aamir Khan raised issues of practices of Sati, dowry system in India. He condemned the act, which is really good. But why didn’t he speak a word of Triple Talaq??? He gave advertisements on Incredible India and asked people not to spit on roads, not to dirty our country….but why did the same person spread FAKE STORIES on Intolerance and mocked India which became headlines in International papers??

He said we need to be in our country and serve our county in Satyamev Jayate. But why was he silent when his wife Kiran Rao said she wants to leave India??? Was India so unsafe for the VIP couple….?? Was his hi-fi life with over 20 bodyguards threatened by the fake intolerance he spoke about??

Okay, let’s consider he spoke truth…But where was he when Uri attack who place?? Did he condemn the act with same publicity he gave for Intolerance??? He did visit TV studios and gave interviews to his favorite journos condemning the act of Pak terrorists? Or did he help the families of the martyred soldiers??

It was Akshay Kumar and Nana Patekar who stood up for our soldiers and gave Rs 5 Lakh for martyred families. Where was Aamir Khan’s concern about country then, or was it just a SHOW-OFF for the TV?! These people malign India when they want and to favour their political friends and then ask same people to watch their movie and help them make crores. Why exactly are we suppose to spend money to watch a movie of that person who did not wanted to stay in India? Why should we help that person who says India is unsafe who him and forgets that it was the same country which let him earn name and fame for 20 years?!

As Aamir Khan himself said, don’t waste milk or money giving to temples, instead feed an orphan kid…May be its time we follow his words and stop watching his movies and spend same money on feeding the poor!!!

— Aishwarya S