“Everybody knows Rahul Gandhi’s father, nobody knows who is Narendra Modi’s father” Congress leader makes objectionable statement on PM Modi!

The desperation of Congress has made them stoop to lowest level possible. Congress and Rahul Gandhi who are not able to counter PM Modi on corruption or development have gone to the extent of abusing his mother and father who do not even know the ‘P’ of politics.

few days back, Congress leader and Rahul Gandhi’s close associate Raj Babbar said that rupee was falling just like PM Modi’s mother age. His statement caused major embarrassment to Congress with people questioning their conduct and decency. But seems like this abusive talks is being encouraged by Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi themselves which is exactly why the Congress leaders continued to abuse and mock PM Modi’s parents.

After abusing his mother, now another leader of Congress Vilas Muttemwar dragged Modi’s father and said everyone knows Rahul Gandhi’s father who is Rajiv Gandhi, who knows Modi’s father?!

Vilas Muttemwar who was addressing a election rally in MP, said  “Pehle apna hisaab batao. Tumhe kaun kal tak janta tha desh ka pradhan mantri banne se pehle. Aur aaj bhi tumhare baap ka naam koi janta nahi. Rahul Gandhi ke baap ka naam sab log jante hain Rajiv Gandhi. (You first give your account. Who knew you before you became PM? Nobody knows your father’s name even today. Everybody knows Rahul Gandhi’s father’s name is Rajiv Gandhi),” he said.

This statement has really irked all people on social media who are now questioning Rahul Gandhi and his partymen of using such derogatory language against PM Modi.

PM Modi who was very upset with this remark, rebutted back with anger and questioned the culture of Congress. In his speech he said, “The Congress leaders have resorted to name-calling now. First they dragged my mother into politics. She doesn’t know the R of rajneeti. Was it necessary? Is this all they have?  Now they are abusing my father who passed away three decades ago. No one in my family has ever had anything to do with politics, why drag my father into it”?

But the Congress leader showed no remorse and defended his statement saying that PM Modi questions Rahul Gandhi’s parents on their contribution, so why can’t we question his parents he said.
But what this man should realise is that Rahul Gandhi’s father was the Prime Minister of India who was answerable to the people of the country. He was responsible for the 1984 Sikh genocide, bofors and letting the company responsible for the Bhopal Gas tragedy go scot free.
Rahul Gandhi’s mother is the Chairperson of the UPA government which ruled India for 10 years and scripted the highest corruption in history, for which she is answerable to people.
Was PM Modi’s parents any leaders? Did they hold any position in government? did they serve as Prime Minister or President of the Country? PM Modi’s father was a poor tea seller, who earned his money selling tea and struggled to get his children educated. On the other hand, PM Modi’s mother is an innocent lady who cleaned vessels and washed cloths in other house to earn some money.
So, is there a comparison between the two families? How should Rahul Gandhi who was born with silver spoon understand the misery of a poor family?? He who spent his entire life in Western countries enjoying the royal treatment with the looted money will never understand the difficulty of a poor family which is exactly why he encourages such statements by his partymen.

Such disgraceful statement only shows the culture of Rahul Gandhi and his mother and what they preach in their party!

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