Everyone should know these 4 secrets of Chanakya for a happier life!

Intelligence is not necessarily an inborn trait. A few people are born great. The others work their way through greatness. The great Indian scholar had once said “A man is great by deeds not by birth. From history books to statistics, Chanakya was known for his comprehensive knowledge on many subjects. He wrote many books during his life time & every single statement made by him, can act as a practical learning curve for many. Economics, history, statistics & a host of other subjects draw references to Chanakya even today.

Chanakya assisted the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta in his rise to power. He is widely credited for having played a role in the establishment of the Mauryan Empire. Chanakya assisted Chandragupta & his son Bindusara as a chief advisor. The greatness lies in building from scratch & taking the empire to unmatched heights, which Chanakya did. In spite of being a scholar himself Chanakya never took anything for granted. His ideals were simple, yet effective. He believed in the principle of hard work.

Chankaya had a piece of advice for every person, from all walks of life. Chanakya often spoke about the vulnerability associated with humans. He could understand the cerebral functioning better than any other modern day scholar. He wanted the poor to fight against their conditions & get better in life.

He had 4 secrets for the poor. According to Chanakya the poor are not respected in the society. So the first secret was to keep your poverty to yourself. Never crib, scream or shout about it. It doesn’t make a difference to the people who are better off. The second secret is to not reveal your personal problems. Remember it’s a competitive world out there. Everyone wants to win. Friends, foes & enemies are always waiting for that one weakness in ‘you.’ Chanakya says that people who share their personal problems are always ridiculed & looked down upon. People laugh at them behind the back.

The third thing to be kept as a secret is the character of one’s wife. Those who keep don’t display their wives, are at a lesser risk of losing their better halves. Men, who don’t reveal the character of their wives, are wise men at the end of the day. Men who talk about their wives in front of others may end up saying a lot more than what they intended to. This may further lead to dire consequences in the future.

The fourth thing is that there will be instances when the ‘downtrodden’ are insulted. Never share such embarrassing moments with others. Keep this in mind. When it comes to your problems- the more you speak, the more you suffer. The neglected classes do face a lot of problems. There are negative memories embedded deep in the soul. Everyone has problems. Don’t let others run through your mind.

People who face problems with sincere efforts are often rewarded. Chanakya said that problems are common in every person’s life. ‘The intelligent person will always be scared of problems & rightly so. But fear should only be restricted to a certain point. If problems & obstacles have already hit you, fight through them. Put all your strength into your effort & you will emerge a winner. ‘

Alok Shetty