Why is everyone so much worried about the fate of Rohingya Muslims in India?

The ‘so called history’ says Indians always had hatred towards Muslims being a part of India ever since India has independence from the clutches of British. India, though having a vast culture diversity combining number of religions under it, the majority of it is Hindus.

It is a known fact that British have added to the troubles of Indians and it all started when, in 1940, the “ROHINGYA MUSLIMS” were brought from Bangladesh to Myanmar by British as slaves.

Rohingyas are basically people belonging to Rakhine state, Myanmar. They are state-less Indo-Aryan people who are also termed Arakanese Indians. They are a major part of Muslims and a minor part of Hindus. The troubles added when the majority of Rohingya Muslims tried to wage jihad against Myanmar. They literally massacred Buddhist and burned rakhine villages. This had continued until the point of time when they realised this will not be spared anymore and started fleeing to other countries.

Throwing light on the fact is being important that number of Islamic countries along with Pakistan being on the lead, have been ignoring these activities of Rohingyas. On the other side, Indians are in a demand to file petitions against the illegally living Rohingyas in India. On the other hand, Bangladesh which has been the base land of Rohingyas is not willing to accept back its citizens.

It is a hidden fact, many are unaware of the bloody history of Rohingyas and their violence towards the Buddhists in the past.

At present the fact to be thrown light upon is that the Rohingyas have carried out several terrorist activities in India, one among them was the blasts in Bodh Gaya. Inspite of all these, Congress party is in the favour towards keeping the Rohingya Muslims in India, in order to give wings to their political motives and to have a upper hand over BJP rule.

Knowing the cruel truth of violence done by Rohingyas, India definitely cannot afford to let them reside here. This also adds to the large population count.

On a positive note, there are voices arising from the citizens of India, in support to deportation of Rohingya refugees. They are like parasites and chances of crimes are high having them in India, adding to the threat of terrorist activities.

Indian Muslims, who are supporting the Rohingyas, should only support India and nothing else. No religion is greater than India and no person has the right to disrupt the peace in India.

Shiki Shetty