Ex Chinese Diplomat warns China, says Beijing should term Masood Azhar a Terrorist!

China has long been blocking India’s bid to slap a ban on Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar. Even though China has itself been a victim of terror, & has called for an ‘unbiased& unpolitical’ fight against terror, it continues to support terrorists such as Masood Azhar.But amidst all the ‘anti-India’ actions of Beijing, a former Chinese diplomat has called for a change in its stand on Masood Azhar.

The diplomat, Mao Siwei, has previously served as China’s Consul General in Kolkata. In a blog on social media WeChat public account about the India-China stalemate over Masood Azhar, he has gone to say that Azhar is a terrorist & that Beijing should ‘adjust’ its stand accordingly. He even said China should take advantage of India’s complaint against Azhar & ‘get rid of the passive diplomatic situation’ between the two neighbours.

In this blog written on the 28th of December, Mao Siwei wrote& I quote – “As a result of (China’s technical hold), the issue of sanctions against Azhar has become a major issue affecting Sino-Indian relations & constitutes an important factor for the decline of Sino-Indian relations in 2016.”

In reference to Indian evidence furnished against Azhar in the Pathankot attack, he cited the charge-sheet that the evidence included Facebook & telephone records as well as DNA samples obtained from food wrapping paper & a walkie-talkie, he wrote – “In the light of the above, I deeply feel that now is the time China should take India’s complaint as an opportunity to seriously study & adjust the position, get rid of the passive diplomatic situation, on the listing of JeM chief in the (UN) 1267 list.First, is Azhar a terrorist? Second, was the Pathankot attack perpetrated by the Jaish-e-Mohammed group? To the first question, the answer should be yes.”

Even though China didn’t change its stand on Masood Azhar, this rare expression of dissent comes as a welcome change in the ‘strict’ political & diplomatic circles of China.

We must also understand that China isn’t doing this to protect Pakistan or its image; it is just another display of China’s wariness & anger at a resurging India especially militarily. No country would jeopardize its own reputation for a decrepit country like Pakistan. China is simply using Pakistan for its own geopolitical motives.

India has gone on the offensive by deploying missiles, tanks, & fighter jets on the Indo-China border, along with increasing maritime relations with the US, Japan & Australia. Ever since 2014, Prime Minister Modi’s focus has been on tackling China, not Pakistan. Whereas China’s whole strategy behind supporting Pakistan has been to divert India’s economic & military attention towards Pakistan. Now, China realizes that this isn’t happening, & thus the frustration.

Vinayak Jain