Ex-ISRO chairman reveals India had anti-satellite missile capability in 2007, but no political will

Yesterday was non forgetful day for India. Indians will always remember this proud moment. After US, Russia and China India entered the Space Super League

An anti-satellite weapon A-SAT successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit at a distance of about 300 kilometers (185 miles). The mission was completed by our scientists within 3 minutes.

To carry an important mission along with the capability political will is also required. And this all if has become possible than it is only due to PM Modi and his Government. Because earlier even the technology was there but still the Government was not that bold to take the stand

The Scientists were not given permission because the Congress-led UPA Government succumbed to international pressure. The plan was submitted to Congress Government led by PM Manmohan Singh in 2012 but no sanction was given.

Former ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair has also revealed the same. Nair said that India had the anti-satellite missile capability more than a decade ago but there was no political will at the time to demonstrate it.

He further said when China shot down an aging weather satellite by launching a missile in 2007, India had the technology to undertake a similar mission but no political will and courage

He praised Prime Minister Modi and said that this mission has become successful only due to the courage of PM Modi.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modiji has taken the initiative and he had the political will and courage to say that we will do this. We have now demonstrated this to whole world,” said Nair

Even former DRDO Chief Dr. VK Saraswat said that when the Congress-led UPA was ruling India, similar plan was proposed but they didn’t get any positive response. He added, “If the clearances were given in 2012-13, I’m quite certain that the launch would have happened in 2014-15”.

This is the real face of Congress party which has always put the nation at stake and didn’t let it advance. Congress deprived India to be a world power and a secure nation. So cast your vote wisely