Ex-President Pratibha Patil disgraces herself, mocks Presidential nominee Ramnath Kovind!

Achievement is zero, murder allegations on her family, but this person has no problem commenting on a person with a clean image and background. Probably this is the genetics of the Congress party.

Pratibha Patil who should be called the Accidental President of India has disgraced herself by making unwanted comment and mocking the BJP’s presidential nominee Ramnath Kovind. In a interview given to NDTV, Pratibha Patil said that she was not happy with the President nominee and was expecting a youth or a consensus candidate.

But before we comment, Prathiba Patil should first answer did she convey the same message to her BOSS Sonia Gandhi when she was selected for the President’s post? Let her answer on what basis was she selected, was she selected because she was YOUNG? was she selected as consensus candidate? If we remember BJP had not supported Prathiba Patil for President and wanted Congress to continue Dr A P J Abdul Kalam for the second term.

But Congress thought Prathiba Patil was better than Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and replaced the most righteous person with a lady with criminal background. Then, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam did not comment on Pratibha Patil’s stature which showed his dignity.

After Pratibha Patil demitted her office, it was reported that she had shamelessly taken away all the momentous, gifts and artifacts from Rashtrapati Bhavan.


This lady had snatched away all gifts and artifacts which were supposed to be in the museum of Rashtrapati Bhavan and secretly dispatched to her son’s museum. These gifts were given as a respect to the position she occupied and not to her personal use.

This lady had not only snatched away gifts, but also snatched away ex-servicemen lands for her retirement house in Pune. Pratibha Patil was allotted excess land than she is entitled to receive after her retirement.

So, does this lady who wanted to loot the Rashtrapati Bhavan have any moral rights to comment on a man like Ramnath Kovind who unlike her has clean image?!

When Abdul Kalam left office he carried two suitcase with him, that was the humbleness of the man. The great scientist did not carry a pen from Rashtrapati Bhavan saying it belonged to the government, not me!

So, Pratibha Patil whose background is filled with criminality, misuse of power and position should probably enjoy her retirement life gifted by her boss Sonia Gandhi rather than making shameful comments against a honest man. We cannot hope the Congress to select a person with honest or humble background!

Aishwarya S