Exclusive!!! Pakistan sympathizers and the drama behind article 35A; Here is the property details of Separatists in J&K

“Article 35A of the Indian Constitution is an article that empowers the Jammu and Kashmir state’s legislature to define “permanent residents” of the state and provide special rights and privileges to those permanent residents”

This article seems so heavily biased towards men from J & K.
For example ;
If a man from J & K marries a woman from outside the state, that woman becomes a permanent resident of the state, will be given property rights, will be eligible to apply for state government jobs and will be eligible to vote.

If a woman from J & K marries a man from a different state, she loses her “permanent resident” status and loses her rights to property, apply for state government jobs and her eligibility to vote !

In 2002, in a long drawn battle between a Kashmiri woman that had married outside her state and the state of J & K, the high court of J & K ruled a woman from J & K marrying outside of her state will get to retain her permanent resident status but her kids will not have any rights in the state !

A person, be it the kids of the permanent resident woman married to an man from a different state, or someone not connected to the state but wishing to settle in J & K, becomes a refugee and has no rights whatsoever!

The separatist leaders however float a different narrative of Article 35A. They claim by not allowing any “outsiders” inside, they are keeping Kashmiriyat alive.

By keeping the “outsiders” out, these separatists are keeping poverty for the common Kashmiri, alive. They are keeping unemployment for the common Kashmiris alive. They are keeping the job of “stone pelting” alive. They are keeping the hopelessness and despair of the common Kashmiris alive. Above all, these separatist leaders are keeping their own bank balances and properties list alive and thriving, as shown in the properties list of these separatist leaders.
They are effectively blocking investments from people from other states thus reducing the job opportunities. They are ensuring the demography of J & K doesn’t change, so that people from Pakistan can freely settle in J & K and plot attacks on the Nation. They are driving the gullible youth to desperation by first reducing their employment opportunities and then by taking advantage of these youth by hiring them as stone pellets and Jihadis and pretending to be their saviours.

These separatist leaders under the garb of freedom struggle are brainwashing and alienating our Kashmiri youth from the rest of India, for their own selfish reasons.

Kashmir doesn’t need a special status. Kashmir doesn’t need article 370 or 35A. What it really needs is these articles to be quashed and reintegration of Kashmiris with the rest of India. What it needs is Kashmiri youth to wake up and realise the evil motives of the separatist leaders. Kashmir is an integral part of India, so are the Kashmiri youth.
Wake up folks, see how your separatist leaders are using you against yourself. Don’t let them win.

Rupa Murthy