Exclusive!!! Pune’s Public Transport-PMPML Officials Helped Builders to Convert their Black Money into White!

Black money holders are behaving like kites dancing in a hurricane since PM Modi’s masterstroke. Builders, traders, and even some politicians are irked. They are busy, trying to find loopholes in the system. Those in Pune had better luck, thanks to corrupt officials from PMPML (Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal).  Perhaps, taking a cue from how Kejriwal allegedly used DTC to convert black money into white, officials from Pune’s public transport body PMPML helped builders and traders to convert their old Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes into coins and small denomination notes!

PMPML officials report to the PMC that is controlled by Sharad Pawar’s NCP and Congress. Sources from within the public transport body informed Shiv Sena leaders about the scam last week. They received information that PMPML officials are helping builders and certain powerful personalities from the city by converting their black money into white in exchange for 40 per cent commission.

A protest rally was organized by Shiv Sena’s Pune unit on November 21. It started from Tilak Road and ended right in front of PMPML’s Swargate office.

Party’s Pune Chief Vinayak Nimhan and leader Sachin Taware met PMPML’s Managing Director-D.P. More and urged him to give an explanation on this issue. Interestingly, he agreed that currency was exchanged before depositing.

Sena leaders urged him to declare the names of officials who had exchanged coins, small denomination notes with 500 and 1000 ones while depositing the daily collection in the Central Bank of India.  When PMPML’s managing director declined to share further details about the concerned bank transactions, Sena workers threw bangles, coins inside PMPML office premises and shouted slogans against the PMPML’s corrupt management that enjoys support from Congress and NCP.

”The simple point is that passengers mostly pay for tickets with Rs.5 coin, or with notes of Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100. Conductors rarely accept Rs.500 or Rs. 1000 note. They completely stopped accepting old notes from November 9. So how is it that they kept on depositing old notes during the next ten days as a part of their daily collection?”-asked Sachin Taware while interacting with journalists. He also highlighted the point that PM Modi has taken the right step to eradicate corruption, but such government officials are ruining his efforts.

PMPML’s staff members who interacted with journalists on condition of anonymity shared their opinion that public transport’s bus conductors stopped accepting Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes right from November 9 early morning. So, they are not submitting old notes to their cashiers. In spite of this, PMPML deposited crores of rupees in the form of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes in their account with the Central Bank for ten days on a daily basis.

The answer is obvious; PMPML’s top management is hand in gloves with the corrupt.


Police displayed incompetence by not registering any case against involved officials 

Sena’s Pune Chief-Vinayak Nimhan interacted exclusively with Post Card News and shared the details about this scam.

“We have already approached Pune’s top cop to register FIR in this case and arrest all the culprits. But, as of now, they have not even registered the FIR. PMPML’s top officials agreed that notes were exchanged, but they have not taken any action against anyone. Soon, we will plan our next step and approach higher authorities if required,”-said Nimhan.

“Managed media”

It’s already well-known that leftist controlled Marathi news channels give very less footage to issues raised by right-wing parties. English media considers Sena as their personal enemy because of God knows what.

The most annoying part is the entire English mainstream media’s absolute silence on this serious issue that probably needs CBI investigation. Out of all the Marathi news channels, Zee 24 Taas released a small one-minute video story. Besides local newspapers and Sena’s own paper Saamana, not even single English daily has covered the news about the scam or Sena’s protest rally. It won’t be wrong to claim that media has been wonderfully managed to make sure that the news about this scam does not reach the center and PMO. Builder lobby is extremely powerful in Pune and newspapers probably do not wish to lose their advertisements by publishing such controversial news against builders and NCP, Congress controlled PMC.

City’s BJP unit is also demanding an immediate investigation on this matter. Congress, presstitutes, and NCP are tight-lipped.

Nitten Gokhaley


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