Exclusive & Shocking! Money, Foreign trips and Call girls….Aam Aadmi Party makes revolution in social media campaigning!

In a shocking revelation, an Aam Aadmi Party Social media person on twitter has revealed scandalous information about how Kejriwal and his party are paying huge money for social media campaigning on Twitter. In a series of Tweets, the person has said that how he has been working for AAP since 5 years and had campaigned for General elections and for Delhi elections in 2015.




He says he joined the party as a volunteer during 2014, after which he officially joined the AAP IT cell during the Delhi elections, during which he is said to have campaigned against BJP and Congress. He says that he earned lakhs from social media campaigning for almost 3 years. He specifically says that AAP was paying Rs 50 for every tweet and Rs 7 for every Retweet. He has even attached the bank transfer details which shows a total amount of Rs 1,29,000 was made on 29th  October 2016.  



He has even revealed that he and many other AAP volunteers were offered foreign trips to Bangkok with full expenditure. But the most shocking information he reveals is that some members were even given call girls and AAP was using it to black mail their own volunteers to work for free.



The person says that his friend who was also in his team and an AAP volunteer was trapped with a call girl and now the AAP IT cell was threatening of making the video public if he asks for money.  This is infact most disgusting act that Kejriwal and his party have done.



It is well known that Kejriwal spends most of his time in managing media and had spent over Rs 600 crore paying TV channels. Kejriwal has always used both main stream media and Social media to promote himself by paying hefty money to many journalists and channels. The recent RTI application had also revealed that tax payers money was being misused by Kejriwal for promoting himself on main stream media.



Given the track record of his party members of torturing women volunteers and harassing them, it is no surprise that AAP is using call girls to blackmail people. This entire issue has exposed the real face of Kejriwal and his party as to how they are misusing power, money to gain political mileage. A party which was started with an intention to fight against corruption as today turned out to be most corrupt party which not only indulges in looting money but is also using women for wrong purpose. Kejriwal has taken the campaign trail to a different level by his disgusting acts.

Mr. Kejriwal who said he will provide safety for women in Delhi, should first know what is happening in his own party. Probably the people of Delhi would now be protected from Kejriwal and his party members.

What a Shame!!!

Lakhbir Singh