Expelled Congress leader from Meerut starts ‘Pappu Mukt Abhiyan’ against Rahul Gandhi!

Vinay Pradhan, a tall Congress leader from Meerut, was expelled from the party after he allegedly called Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’. He then resigned from the party and has launched a unique campaign to make India ‘Pappu mukt’.

On June 14, Pradhan was suspended from the party for referring to Rahul Gandhi as ‘Pappu’ in a WhatsApp message sent to local leaders. In response to the party top leadership, he said he’d used the word ‘Pappu’ to highlight the achievements of Rahul Gandhi, his straightforwardness and how he had been fighting for the cause of the poor and farmers.But clearly, the explanation didn’t go down well with the top brass.

Pradhan claimed he had given 22 years of his life to the Congress Party. He explicitly blamed Rahul Gandhi and his ‘coterie of sycophants’ for the decline of the party.

He didn’t mince any words in criticising the Congress party. He said, “I was removed from all party posts without even hearing my side of the story. This is like following Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law.The party is being run by a small group of sycophants who surround Rahul Gandhi.

“Rahul Gandhi and the sycophants around him are already making some parties’ dream to make a ‘Congress-free’ India a reality. The person who cannot understand his praise is really a ‘Pappu’ (young boy) and I have no qualms in calling him that.”

The leader has now talked of launching a Pappu-free campaign. He said that even Sheila Dikshit had mocked Rahul Gandhi but no action was taken against her; Sandeep Dikshit had abused the Army Chief but he continues to remain in the party. He accused the party of being steeped in dynastic politics which has led to the downfallof the party.

He added, “Going by Pappu’s track record, there is no reason to believe that the party will win any election. Pappu will break his own record of losing more than 27 elections in a row.”

It must be noted that the same happened with Himanta Biswa Sharma, a senior leader from Assam. He was also expelled from the party because Rahul Gandhi and he weren’t on the same page. Apparently, Rahul Gandhi went on to insult Himanta to such an extent that he joined the BJP and has ever since been candid in his criticism of the party. This single move of arrogance by the senior Congress leadership resulted in Congress’ humiliating defeat in the state. But it seems like the party still hasn’t learnt its lesson.

Source – https://scroll.in/latest/842109/suspended-congress-leader-vinay-pradhan-resigns-pledges-to-make-india-pappu-mukt

Vinayak Jain