EXPLOSIVE : Najeeb Jung exposes the dark game of “crimes”, “corruptions” and “nepotism” that Arvind Kejriwal is engaging in

Former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Mr. Najeeb Jung has exposed the evil deeds of Arvind Kejriwal and said that the Delhi CM may face charges of various “criminal cases” due to a large number of irregularities. Jung said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has indulged in “nepotism and gross favouritism” in his tenure as the Chief Minister of Delhi and may face “criminal charges” over irregularities found by the Shunglu Committee, which was set up to look into a number of illegal decisions taken by the AAP government. In another shocking revelation, he also alleged that Kejriwal had set up a “secret unit” like a “counter IB” for spying against people/organisations which are keeping an eye on illegal activities of Kejriwal and AAP.

Najeeb Jung said that there was corruption in Delhi Jal Board and the water board chief was involved in misuse of funds. He said the Kejriwal-led government had taken a large number of illegally and unconstitutional decisions in “excitement of power” after an overwhelming majority in the state assembly. “Perhaps they do not know the system. Kejriwal didn’t know the government has its own pace and momentum, but kept moving at his own pace,” Najeeb Jung said. He also said that decisions on more than 400 files were taken illegally by Arvind Kejriwal and there are more than 20 files which may be investigated by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or Vigilance department for alleged irregularities.

Najeeb Jung also exposed the cases of gross favouritism and cheating by Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal. She appointed more than 80 AAP workers and acquaintances who did not fulfill the criteria for appointment at various posts to which they were appointed. But the most shocking of all revelations was rhat Arvind Kejriwal formed a Feedback Unit – an illegal, counter-intelligence entity which he created to spy on Central government and various agencies of central government such as IB and CBI. How and why should a state government spy on central government and form counter-intelligence agency to spy against IB, CBI and other sensitive central government organisations ? Najeeb Jung took a very strong stand and cancelled the unit as it was illegal.

Najeeb Jung also said that the Officer on special duty to Health minister Satyendra Jain, Nikunj Agarwal’s appointment was illegal. Satyendra Jain’s daughter was given undue favours by Delhi government. The cases have been referred to CBI and investigation may soon put Kejriwal in serious trouble. A number of “criminal charges” of serious nature are waiting to be slapped on Arvind Kejriwal.

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Kshitij Mohan