Explosive Revelations! What Really Happened to Sadhvi Pragya and Lt.Col Purohit???

Sadhvi Pragya, the name is quite familiar to many people who is an accused of the Malegaon Blast in 2008. But most people do not know what was the inside story which lead to her arrest and Col Purohit, an army man who was also accused of Malegaon blast.

Sadhvi Pragya is the daughter of Dr. Chandrapal Singh Thakur, who was an RSS activist and involved in many social development activities. Pragya as young was very tough and opposed injustice and anti-social activities. She had involved in many women empowerment programs and also soon became the state secretary of ABVP. She later found an organization called Vande Mataram Jan Kalyan Samiti which used to address grievance of common people. She was crazy about bike riding and had even owned a motorcycle which became an ultimate reason for her arrest in the Malegaon blast.

In the year 2008, Pragya was arrested by the Mumbai ATS claiming that she conspirated the Malegaon blast  by forming a group to take revenge of Mumbai train blast and had implanted bomb in her motorcycle. The motorcycle was produced as the main evidence. But the records showed that she had sold the motor cycle in 2004 to an RSS person. Along with her, Lt Col Prasad Purohit was also arrested as the main conspirator of the blast. The police who arrested Pragya on October 10th produced her in the court only on 24th of October, which was an illegal detention of a person. The worst part is police had not filed any charge sheet against Pragya and still she was rejected bail plea.

The bench of Justice J.M.Panchal and Justice H.L.Gokhale said: ‘Having regard to the totality of the facts and circumstances of the case, this court is of the opinion that question of violation of Article 22(2) does not arise.’

The police had not filed FIR against Col Purohit who was also arrested along with Pragya. But they were illegally detained for almost 14 days in police custody. The police had submitted false documents to court saying Pragya and Purohit were arrested on 24th October and were immediately produced in court. From the year 2008, Pragya and Purohit have been in jail for a crime they have never done. The investigative agencies in the year May 2016 gave a clean chit to Pragya dropping all MCOCA charges against her.

But the tragic inside story reveals that she was tortured in jail severely causing intense mental and physical stress. It is told that she was not allowed to see any of her relatives, friends, she was put in solitary confinement and tortured inhumanely.

Her family had given press statement saying that she was given 3rd degree torture to an extent that her spine was completely paralysed and she was unable to even walk to the bathroom. Her sister had also said that she had developed breast cancer and was not given proper treatment nor did the police allow her to be shifted to the hospital.

But the inside story reveals more shocking information. The reports which we collected from many quarters revealed that the entire episode of Pragya arrest was conspired by a powerful Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh (He is known for his loose talk and famous for marrying a young girl). Before Malegaon blast it is said that the congress leader was very fond of Pragya, he had even asked her to accompany him to many resorts and night clubs, for which Pragya had totally opposed and had insulted him publicly for misbehaving.

This had provoked the Congress man and was waiting for an opportunity to get back on her. The Malegaon blast gave him a perfect opportunity to frame Pragya for his personal reasons.

A policeman who did not want to disclose himself had revealed that the Congress leader had visited Pragya when she was serving jail term and had mocked her so badly saying “ You oppose people like us, this is what you will have to face”.  He had even told that congress leader had made her watch Porn video and stuffed meat in her mouth. The policeman had said he had never seen such brutality carried against a women.

The investigating agency which has now cleared all the charges against her made scathing revelations that Hemanth karkare, the ATS officer was pressurized by the government to implicate both Sadhvi and Purohit in Malegaon blast.  It has now been revealed that all evidences were fabricated and the witness was tortured and threatened make confessions. The investigation has also told that the there are more chances that ATS officers had planted the bomb in bike and cooked up the entire episode to favour their political masters.

A serving army officer Purohit who was known for his extreme bravery and served as top military intelligence undercover operative had to undergo humiliation and insult and loose his entire carrier. The NIA under the congress government wanted to ignite a new story of Saffron Terror to safe there vote banks and mask the apprehension created against a community after 26/11.

Aishwarya S


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