Exposed! Congress plan of cutting votes of BJP in Uttar Pradesh revealed by Priyanka Gandhi

So finally Congress has admitted their plan of backdoor Gathbandhan in Uttar Pradesh. As it was expected that the region parties along with Congress are planning to divide votes of BJP by sidelining Congress out of an alliance so it happened. And it is revealed by none other than Priyanka Gandhi herself

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra while talking to media said that “BJP will suffer a major setback in UP, they’ll lose badly. In those seats where Congress is strong & our candidates are giving a tough fight, Congress will win. Jahan hamare ummeedwar thode halke hain, wahan humne aise ummeedwar diye hain jo BJP ka vote kaate means “Where the Congress candidates are strong they have fielded the Congress candidates and where they are not strong they have fielded such leaders which can cut vote bank of BJP”

In Uttar Pradesh few days back the major regional parties Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) and RLD decided that they will fight together but will not enter into an alliance with Congress. Mayawati led BSP and Akhilesh Yadav led SP decided their seat sharing formula with BSP fighting on 38 seats, SP fighting on 37 seats and RLD fighting on 3 seats of Kairana, Baghpat & Mathura

All the parties have different core voters. For the BSP, the core vote bank is the Dalit faction. For SP the core vote banks are the Yadavs and Muslims. The parties very well know that an alliance with Congress will dent its votes so the regional parties decided to be away and infact focus on strengthening their core votes. Whereas Congress on the other side tried to trigger hate among Hindus by dividing them on the basis of caste and decided to fight on all 80 seats to cut vote of BJP

But it was expected that this is a strategy of ‘MahagathBandhan’, so it turned out. Parties just did drama of not any pre poll alliance but will form post poll alliance with Congress which will help them to get upper hand over BJP

People of Uttar Pradesh should understand this. They have to decide whether they want to get trapped in the strategy of opposition or defeat the opposition by making all their fake promises and strategies fail. It is time for people to let the “MahaMilawat Gathhbandhan” know that the voter of India has now risen above all these caste issues and believe in the development of country