Exposed!!! “New York Times” calls UP CM Yogi as head of a Hindu militant temple; But takes an U-turn when Twitterati bashed the anti-Hindu article

Prime Ministers change, the choice of voters change but few newspapers’ taste never change. These newspapers from decades have been during the work targeting Indian culture. The culture that never hurt anyone is been the target of leading newspapers.

Not only Indian cultures and practices but also the Hindus are targeted by these newspapers. If one reads any articles published in these newspapers on Hinduism and India, then there are high chances that he/she may get brainwashed and start hating India.

The international media publication forgot its journalism ethics and called Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath and the head of a militant Hindu temple. The act of insulting CM Yogi was done by Ellen Barry, South Asia bureau chief.

Editors like Ellen Barry know that if they write anything targeting Hindus, it will surely grab readers’ attention. That was the long followed strategy by many of the journalists from well reputed newspapers. Now this virus has entered India and we can see our own people targeting our culture.

Ellen Barry didn’t know that, when her ancestors were hiding in the caves, covering themselves with leaves, we Indians were discussing of solar system. Well, let’s come back on topic. Ellen Barry thought, her article will go viral after she targeted Hinduism but she didn’t know that Indians will not tolerate her nonsense anymore. She faced backlash on social media immediately due to which she had to change her headline. “Firebrand Hindu Cleric Ascends India’s Political Ladder”, this was the new headline. If she and her intention weren’t wrong than why did she change the headline?

She went ahead and tried to be too smart by giving an alibi to her statement. She started to give the dictionary meaning of the word “militant” and tried to convince the readers that she never meant to call CM Yogi as Militant group’s head.

But the blunder created by her was rightly understood by the Indian readers. Look at these tweets below.



Why do few international media have hatred towards Hinduism?

New York Times has targeted BJP’s leader but its main target was Hinduism. BJP is seen as a protector Hinduism by these biased newspapers.

Even the terrorist attacks on India were not condemned by these media until PM Modi’s diplomacy started working.

For these newspapers, human Pyramid during Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary was dangerous stunt but when human pyramid was formed in other festivals of the world, it was given a different colour and was celebrated.

Ellen Barry has spent certain time in India and while looking at her articles, one can understand that she is hell bent to show India a poor backward nation, where women are treated as second class citizens. What she doesn’t know is that Indians perhaps have more number of female deities than the female employees present at her office.

Hansika Raj