Exposed : PM Narendra Modi exposes evil intentions of Indira Gandhi and Congress party

PM Narendra Modi today launched a scathing attack on all the opposition parties, mainly Congress and Left, who are opposing the demonetisation of notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. Targeting the Congress and Left over the complete washout of Parliament, he said that although the parliament has been adjourned before as well, but earlier the opposition was based on multiple scams by the UPA government one after another. However, it is the first time in the history of India that opposition parties are united because a strong step has been taken to weed out corruption. He thanked Naveen Patnaik and Nitish Kumar for supporting the move.

We needed to do it in 1971. We have caused huge losses by not doing this since 1971,” Modi told BJP MPs, lashing out at the Congress for not taking effective measures to curb black money in the country. The Prime Minister referred to former bureaucrat Madhav Godbole’s book in which he has recorded how then Home Minister YB Chavan had recommended demonetisation to curb ill-gotten and hidden wealth. “Godbole says in the book that Gandhi replied saying ‘Are no more elections to be fought by the Congress’? Chavan got the message and the recommendation was (dropped),” Modi said. “This was in 1971 when everybody recommended this. Had it (demonetisation) been done in 1971, the nation wouldn’t have been in this situation today.”

Narendra Modi also targeted Left parties and exposed their hypocrisy today. In his speech, he told how senior Left stalwarts like Harkishan Singh Surjit and Jyoti Basu had then targeted Indira Gandhi for not doing anything on the issue of corruption and black money. Wanchoo Committee in early 70s had recommended demonetisation when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister, recalling that the then senior Left leader Jyoti Basu had demanded its quick implementation. In 1970s, there was an open consensus and was told in the Rajya Sabha that the politics of Indira Gandhi runs on black money. The left leader in his 1972 speech had said, “Government of Indira Gandhi runs for the black money, by the black money and of the black money.” PM Modi said the left parties which were fighting corruption once upon a time have lost their ideology and have become supporters of corruption today.

He also exposed how Congress had made a law against Benami assets in 1988 but never notified it or framed rules and regulations, ensuring that the legislation never came into force. PM Modi said now that the Benaami act has been passed and notified, action will start against people having benaami properties at the earliest. It is really shameful that Congress did not implement the act for 18 years.

PM Modi also recalled the glory of 16 December 1971 when Indian Army, giving an example of its greatest valour, had made 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrender and liberate Bangladesh. During that time, even though there were strong opposition parties no one had asked for the proof. Today, the politics has gone so low that the bravery of Indian Army soldiers who risk their lives are doubted and proofs asked for.

This undoubtedly was PM Modi at his aggressive best. Here is the full speech –

Kshitij Mohan**


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