Exposed! This is how Congress leader Kamal Nath used images from Bangladesh to smear Shivraj Chouhan’s govt in the poll bound Madhya Pradesh

In order to defame PM Narendra Modi and his Government Congress party and its leaders jump their guns too soon without even fact checking of the information and in turn invite shame for them.

Something same has now happened with the senior Congress leader and Madhya Pradesh Congress Chief Kamal Nath. In the countdown to Madhya Pradesh elections the senior Congress leader and the most worthy contender from the Congress party for Chief Ministerial post tweeted a picture of badly damaged road and pointed at the Shivraj Singh Chouhan Government for such bad condition of roads. He levied allegations on Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJP Government of corruption. He called the BJP “a record breaking corrupt party” and also held the Government responsible for such poor development

But to his bad luck he himself fall in the trap he tried to lay for CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his Government. It came to lime light that the image the senior Congress leader is tweeting is two year old image and belongs to Bangladesh. Some reports of 2016 emerged in media claiming that the road belongs to Indonesia and it also came to forefront that even the same image was shared earlier also on social media for defaming the Bihar Government to which Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav had reacted sharply

All these findings point to one thing whether the road shown in the picture belongs to Bangladesh or Indonesia, it does not belong to India even, leave apart Madhya Pradesh

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan too noticed the fake image being spread and slammed senior Congress leader Kamal Nath was for spreading the false narrative. He said, “What can we say about our friends from the Congress party? First, Digvijay Singh brought a pool in Pakistan to Madhya Pradesh and now Kamal Nath has brought a Bangladeshi road to Madhya Pradesh.”

Earlier senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has also shared fake image of broken bridge belonging to Pakistan and had represented it as the bridge belonged to Bhopal. Which later when he realized that he had shared the fake image, he apologized for sharing it

The Congress leaders either perform such acts unknowingly or they perform such things deliberately. Whatever the reason be, but one thing is sure Congress party and its leaders always ends up shaming themselves and their party by adopting such strategies. They always add one more self goal to their list.

Till when Congress party will be resorting to such means to get back in power. Don’t they have power to face the opposition boldly that they adopt such tactics. Why they don’t realize that these stupid acts will not let them anywhere. Why they don’t accept the facts that people have given them enough time to prove their mettle and now it is time for them to behave as responsible opposition accepting the verdict of people and contribute in the development of country? Why they are hell bent on burying their party with their own hands?

Source : TimesofIndia