External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj ripped apart all those with facts who defamed PM Modi and his Government on China not supporting ‘Ban Masood Azhar’ move

Day before yesterday China blocked India’s move to list Masood Azhar as Global terrorist. It again served as a roadblock in the action against terrorism.

But instead of criticizing China for its shameful move the Congress party and other opposition parties started politics on it and also degraded Prime Minister Modi Government

The Congress party stooped such low that they created fake video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping representing PM Modi in bad light as the one seeking favours from China where he is continually being slammed by the Chinese Prime Minister for his demands

Not only this the Congress President Rahul Gandhi personally attacked Prime Minister Modi and said he is fearful of his Chinese counter Xi Jinping and presented Doklam to him.

The party didn’t have an iota of shame left that it is demeaning the Nation and Prime Minister at international level and is in fact celebrating the blocking of deadly Jaish e Mohammad terrorist Masood Azhar

But in a tight slap to Congress, opposition parties and all those other who has attacked Prime Minister Modi and his Government on this issue and questioned their diplomacy External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj has given a befitting reply

She slammed them with the facts that Indian diplomacy has not failed but is in fact stronger than ever. In a series of tweets, she shared how the global community stood along with India in a battle against terrorism during the PM Modi led NDA era

She said in 2009 UPA Government was a ‘lone proposer’ where as in 2016 India’s proposal against Jaish-e Mohammed chief Masood Azhar was co-sponsored by the United States, France, and United Kingdom. In 2017 again the proposal was moved by the United States, France, and United Kingdom

And now in 2019 following the ghastly Pulwama terror attack, the proposal was moved by the United States, France, and United Kingdom, moreover was supported by all UNSC members, excluding China and was co-sponsored non-members of the UNSC like- Australia, Bangladesh, Italy, and Japan.

External Affair Minister through her tweets reiterated the “unprecedented support” that India has received of the international community and slapped all those who regard it as India’s diplomatic failure and also those who question PM Modi frequent foreign visits.

This is the result of PM Modi’s visits only that today whole world is standing with India in its fight against terrorism