Fact Check: Did the Indian Army drag the dead body of a Kashmiri as claimed by CPI’s Kavita Krishan?

Since couple of days, an image is doing rounds in the internet where the Indian Army soldiers are seen dragging the body of a man. In the picture, along with the Army, two reporters are also spotted. And the claim was that the dead body of the man in the picture was of a Kashmiri.

This image was uploaded by a man named Khurram Parvez and he had captioned it “Barbaric. This explains Indian army’s human rights conduct…”.

The twitter description of the man stated “Human rights defender working in the world’s highest militarized region – Jammu and Kashmir”. This image was shared around 7,500 times and had garnered over 9,000 likes.

This image was soon noticed by the sympathizer of the urban naxals and hard core Modi hater Kavita Krishnan. It was she who tried to mislead the Indians saying that the Indian Army is dragging the body of a Kashmiri man. But in reality, the dead body was of the Pakistani terrorist from the organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Kavita Krishan tweeted,

  • Look at the men in Indian Army uniforms dragging the body of a Kashmiri man. Look at the reporter – is that an R on his mike, is he from Republic TV, is he an embedded journalist? Look at comments celebrating this atrocity! And in spite of this India will deny UNHRC report!

Republic TV exposes the lies of Kavita Krishnan:

Senior Associate Editor Aditya Raj Kaul clarified that the body was of a terrorist and not of a Kashmiri man as claimed by Kavita Krishnan.

  • Firstly, he is not a Kashmiri. This is a photograph of a Pakistani Terrorist from Jaish-e-Mohammad. He is not an Indian. Forces have to be careful of booby traps and live grenades on the body of terrorists, hence rope is used initially. Republic TV Journalist is reporting bravely.

By this, it is proved that the man whose body was being dragged was not a Kashmiri but a terrorist who was killed by the brave Indian soldiers. But few of the vested interests are trying to spread wrong information about the Indian Army operations claiming that they are harassing the innocent Kashmiris. But the truth is that the Indian Army is really kind and helpful to the Kashmiris.

What was shocking is that even after it was proved that the picture was of the terrorist, Khurram Parvez, the man who first tweeted on the picture with wrong caption didn’t delete it. But gave it a hilarious angle by calling Hindus as extremists.

He tweeted “After the dead body of an alleged militant was dragged by army, an extremist Hindu activist from Jammu taking selfie with the corpse”.

While we analysed his profile, we found out that he spreads hate against India and supports the individuals who want to destroy India, on a regular basis. Here are few of the controversial tweets of Khurram Parvez:

  • Compares the Indian Army to the lynch mob:

Indian army joins the cow protection lynchers. Kills one cattle trader at Gool, Ramban.

  • Praises the controversial Umar Khalid:

Umar Khalid’s submission of PhD thesis at JNU despite all the hardships has lesson for all those youngsters who are involved in people’s struggles, that our studies are part of our struggle and hence no compromise on it.

  • Shares a report that was published just to defame India globally. Even after Pakistan’s hand behind it was exposed, he didn’t delete it:

United Nations Human Rights has released a path breaking report on human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir. This report is historical and symbolically a huge step leading to an acknowledgement of Indian.

Hansika Raj