Fact Check!!! Did the “Times of India” newspaper really post an article on PM Modi with a vulgar headline?

This morning, the Times of India carried a small piece on the Prime Minister’s visit to China titled, “ PM Modi and Xi Jinping will meet 6 times in 24 hours”. The report discussed that there was plenty of work at hand for Prime Minister Modi and the day would see numerous One to One and delegation-level meetings.

However, many journalists spread a fake, photo-shopped image about the Prime Minister’s visit to China. Instead of doing the necessary due diligence about the piece which would have at best required them to visit the newspaper website and surf through a few city editions, they have gone on to express their mirth and in some cases confusion about the report.

A photoshopped image of our headline on the Modi-Xi meet is doing the rounds. All our editions carry the correct headline. You can see the difference when the correct & fake headlines are placed together. The one on the right is the photoshopped image with the word ‘mate’ tilted.

Is this freedom of expression or this is an action to defame our prime minister? I request the concerned authority to take strict action against these people and please make a specified law for those who spread fake news on social media.

While it seemed quite obvious that the image was photo-shopped, there were many journalists who fell for the fake news and started sharing the image with their followers. Instead of checking the facts, they made it a point to make crude jokes or castigate Times of India for failing to proof read the piece.

Even those who ‘investigated’ the Loya case fell for the Fake News raising major concerns about their ability to discern truth from concocted narratives. Journalists like Saikat Datta who by now has a reputation for sharing fake news, Vinod K Jose, Stanley Pignal along with renowned writers like William Dalrymple shared the image without a basic fact check and deleted it later, after numerous criticisms. 


Journalist Saikat Datta, who has earlier been featured in The True Picture over spreading fake news, did it again, without bothering to check if ToI actually carried this headline.


Some users were angry about sections of the media spreading such news, especially about foreign leaders, without verification. They have even questioned if this could be a Congress social media cell mischief! 


These presstitutes Journalists are facing the identity crisis and getting 100% exposed for their blatant hypocrisy, fake news peddling, selective news peddling, openly avenging political parties in connivance with opposite political parties.

India’s destiny and respect will be earned by its citizens only. It is a collective responsibility. SHAME on these people whoever has done this shameful act. Shame for editors and news channel. It is very bad. Whoever has done this is definitely an outsider news channel and can definitely not be an Indian Channel.

The headline issue now stands revolved but it exposes the issue of how news can be easily doctored. For a common man, it is not too clear to notice the minute details and will believe such things at face value. The spreading of such doctored news highlights to the fake news issue that has been gruelling around the globe. PM Modi and Xi are meeting in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Friday and Saturday to discuss bilateral and global issues.



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