Fact Check! Is it true that cow vigilantes killed Nayeem Shah in J&K, as claimed by Omar Abdullah?

The situation is extremely tense in Bhaderwah area of Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir due to the violence that broke out after the murder of a 40-year-old villager. The man named Nayeem Shah was shot dead at Nalthi bridge near Bhaderwah town, early morning on this Thursday.

Soon rumors spread that the man was killed by the cow vigilantes of the area, and that was enough for the mob to go violent. Interestingly, there was no carcass found in the area. But now the Jammu and Kashmir police have clarified and denied the angle of cow vigilantes as claimed by certain media houses.

Tweeting this message, J&K police stated “Some media channels r wrongly reporting murder of a person in Bhaderwah as incident of alleged killing by Cow Vigilantes.Such irresponsible reporting is strongly rebutted as no such info has been confirmed during investigation so far”.

It added “Neither the accused are identified nor the motive of killing is known so far. Such reporting which has got law and order implications is rebutted”.

But many politicians used this as an opportunity to attack the central government. Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah targeted PM Modi and stated “This on a day alleged cow vigilantes have killed a man in Badarwah area of Jammu – India’s Muslims fear for their future under Narendra Modi”. In his tweet, Omar even attached an article titled “Muslims fear for their future under Modi” and tried to create panic among Muslims.

Even after the police cleared that cow vigilantes were not behind the killing of Nayeem Shah, the violence in the area has not stopped and the curfew is still on. Currently, internet services have been snapped but due to the constant provocations by politicians like Omar Abdullah, the unrest is not coming to an halt.

J&K: Indefinite curfew in Bhaderwah area of Doda district after death of villager

Even the Indian Army has been deployed to control the situation.