Fact Check: Is it true that Lanka’s Ravana never touched Sita Mata?

Now a trend is rapidly growing in India regarding “Ramayana” and that is of portraying Ravana as a holy character who never touched women without their consent. In a bid to portray that Ravana was a noble man, few even go to the extent of abusing Lord Ram of Ayodhya.

The most common argument the Lord Ram haters make is that Ravana never touched Sita Mata. He respect women and treated them with respect.So is it true?

No, it’s not true. Ravana touched Sita Mata with bad intentions! Here’s the evidence

Even though many scholars have retold Ramayana, the most trusted version is is of Valmiki. The Vamilki Ramayana itself mentions clearly that Lanka’s Ravan had touched Sita Mata with wrong intention. Ravana had held the back of Sita’s neck and had even kept his right hand at the thighs of Sita Mata.

वामेन सीताम् पद्माक्षीम् मूर्धजेषु करेण सः |

ऊर्वोः तु दक्षिणेन एव परिजग्राह पाणिना || ३-४९-१७

(Translation: He that Ravana grabbed the lotus-eyed Seetha on lifting her up with his left hand at her plait of hair at nape, and with his right hand at her thighs).

Now one might claim that Ravana didn’t touch Sita as he had a curse of losing his life if he did so:

Ravana had a curse by his daughter-in-law Rambha for raping her. The curse said that if Ravana tries to enjoy any woman, forcefully, his ten heads would explode into several pieces and he would die instantly. That’s why he never dared to force on Sita Mata with the fear of losing his life.

Here are few more verses from Valmiki Ramayana to support the claim:

पितामहस्य भवनम् गच्चन्तीम् पुञ्जिकस्थलाम् |
चञ्चूर्यमाणामद्राक्षमाकाशेऽग्निशिखामिव || ६-१३-११

(Translation: Once I saw a celestial nymph, Punjikasthala(by name) flashing like a flame, concealing herself in the sky and proceeding towards the abode of Brahma.”

सा प्रसह्य मया भुक्ता कृता विवसना ततः |
स्वयम्भूभवनम् प्राप्ता लोलिता नलिनी यथा || ६-१३-१२

(Translation: She was made unclothed by me and was enjoyed forcibly. Thereafter, appearing like a crumpled lotus, she went to the abode of Brahma)

तच्च तस्य तदा मन्ये ज्ञातमासीन्महात्मनः |
अथ सम्कुपितो वेधा मामिदम् वाक्यमब्रवी || ६-१३-१३

(Translation: I think that the matter was made known to the high soled Brahama and then the enraged Brahma spoke to me the following words)

अद्यप्रभृति यामन्याम् बलान्नारीम् गमिष्यसि |
तदा ते शतधा मुर्धा फलिष्यति न संशयः || ६-१३-१४

(Translation: From today onwards, if you revel with any other woman forcibly, your head then undoubtedly will break asunder into a hundred pieces)

These facts are enough to conclude that Ravana was indeed a pervert, serial rapist and had ill intentions. But just because of the fear of dying, he didn’t dare to touch Sita Mata. So the claim that Ravana respecting other women falls flat.

Why Ravana is considered a hero by some?

The reason is not a secret any more. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva are few of the most worshiped deities by the Hindus. And if these deities are attacked using distorted history and lies, then it will dent the trust of Hindus on their religion.

So Hindus need to know the conspiracy behind praising Ravana.

Credits: Surya Kanta Bose Chowdhury and Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula

Hansika Raj