Fact Check: Is it true that PM Modi was laughing and enjoying after Pulwama attack along with Nitish Kumar?

After the attack on CRPF jawans that took place in Pulwama, the liberals and urban naxals are spreading fake news about PM Modi and his government with clear intentions of helping Pakistan. Noted Urban-naxal Kavita Krishan who regularly abuse nationalists and spread fake news against the government authorities said that even though the entire nation was shedding tears, Prime Minister Modi along with friends like Nitish Kumar and Sakshi Mahajan are laughing and enjoying in the election rallies.

She even said that no one will gherao these BJP leaders as all are surrounding and attacking the Kashmiri students in various parts of the nation. Have a look at her tweet below where she shared the image of PM Modi along with Nitish Kumar.

With the above tweet, she committed to offences. Firstly she deliberately spread fake news saying PM Modi was enjoying while the nation was mourning. Yes, the image she used was that of a rally which was held in Patna in the year 2015. Below is the original image published.


Her second offence was that she said Kashmiris are attacked in various parts of India. Again it was a fake news. It is really sad to see that when the entire nation is mourning, the Army and the Modi government has promised to seek revenge, these urban naxals are trying to break India’s unity by spreading fake news.

Years ago senior Congress leader Manishankar Aiyar had sneaked into Pakistan and had asked their help to defeat PM Modi in the elections (that are held in India). Later on, the Congress IT cell chief and close aide of Rahul Gandhi, Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana said that Pakistan is heaven. But still the pseudo-liberals and seculars and intellectuals didn’t pounce on them.

Later on another Congress leader Haji Sagheer Saeed Khan gave a tough competition to his gang by saying that he will give Rs 1 crore and a job to all the terrorists. He also promised to free all the captured terrorists and hang the BJP leaders and the Karyakarthas if Congress party comes to power. But the elite class in India forgot to condemn it.

Hansika Raj