Fact Check! Soon after BJP emerged as a single largest party in Karnataka, was the church in Mangalore attacked?

If you have noticed, a series of old and misleading videos and images containing a few churches in Mangalore were circulated in the social media websites with the intention of creating hatred among people in the coastal city in the last couple of days.

This is a new strategy tried by the Congress and other communal miscreants in the coastal region of Mangalore city in Karnataka. The propaganda was of spreading fake news against the BJP workers, right after the election polls were announced on 15th of May this week.

Leading to confusions, the police officers and the media houses in Mangalore have received calls in order to verify this news and clarify the fact. But there had been no such incident taken place in and around the city in the past couple of years as such!

An individual named Mohammed Mohsin, posted a video on 16th of May, in his Twitter handle alleging that BJP and Sangh Parivar cadres attacked a church in Mangalore and tried to plant BJP flags to celebrate the party’s victory.

As shown in the tweet, YouTube clip with TV9’s logo shows similar visuals of police rounding up people and making them sit on the ground. What seemed to be shocking is that, after investigating on this incident and knowing the truth, it was found that the video was literally ten years old in the year 2008!The church which was shown in the video is “Saint Sebastian church” in Permannur near Ullal. 

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Another fake news reported: The above picture was circulated on social media, and people intentionally making it viral all over the twitter and Whats app. A separate photo showing supporters of the BJP in front of St Lawrence Church Bondel were circulated on the evening of 15th of May. The image shows the BJP supporters in front of the church, celebrating the victory of their party and nothing else.

But that’s not all. The intentionally spread message, along with the photo claims that BJP workers have already started destroying the peace in the society soon after their party emerged victorious in the elections.

After the fact check, it was found that there was a reason for the BJP supporters to celebrate at that place. St Lawrence Church is located near a junction connecting Kavoor, Padavinangadi and Vamanjoor, all the three places are very close to the counting centre. It was also known that the Police had blocked the road at the junction leading to the counting centre for security reasons. So they definitely had valid reasons in order to be there with legal reasons. 

So there is absolutely no point in blaming the BJP workers this time. On what basis would you do this? There has been no such incident recorded or witnessed by the localities. Nor a case filed by the nearby Police officials. Doesn’t this seem a cooked up story?

The pure intention of these miscreants is crystal clear to us. BJP has now won the Karnataka state with clean victory and the opposition is left with nothing to do, so go ahead and spread communal hatred against BJP and its supporters.

Try and defame them using these communal issues and make the people think BJP Party is no more good for the society. And prove that, its party workers are against the agenda of peace keeping the society. But let me clear this out, these tactics are too old to be tried and tested. People are smart enough not to get trapped into this.


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