Fact Check! Was the ‘plogging’ at the Kovalam beach, staged by PM Modi for publicity? Know the truth behind Congress party’s lies!

The Sunday which followed PM Modi’s massively successful Howdy Modi event, PM addressed the nation through ‘Mann ki Baat’. And many of us heard the word plugging for the first time when PM Modi usedit.

In a bid to spread awareness about clean India, PM introduced the plogger Ripu Daman and asked him to explain the concept ‘plogging’ during the radio session.

He is the first Indian plogger and has organised marathons to make the country litter-free. He’s taking forward the PM’s vision of ‘Swachh Bharat’.

Plogging is an amalgamation of jogging with picking up litter on your way. And it is a perfect workout which serves both the purpose of Swaccha Bharath and Fit India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was in Mamallapuram, for an informal summit with Chinese president Xi Jinping, released a video of his morning walk ritual on his Twitter profile.

In a series of tweets, the prime minister advised people to ensure cleanliness at public spaces. PM Modi picked up the waste from the Kovalam beach, he said one must strive to stay fit and healthy.

PM Modi’s action received a lot of praise from the political leaders, celebrities of different work field, even the general public praised him that Prime minister is leading by example.


The Congress Party had to find some fault in this Noble action too…

Congress party which was visibly rattled at the idea of Xi And Modi sharing a cordial relation at the informal summit, first raised a pointless argent that Meat is being served at the ‘Shore temple’.

Former CM of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah a Congress Leader had visited temples in Karnataka after consuming meat. It had received backlash from the public. Congress quoted the incident to take a dig at PM Modi and his supporters.

But the fact was, the menu shared by the Congress party IT cell was of dinner which was wrongly edited to be hosted at Shore temple. Actually the Shore temple is not a temple complex where a deity is residing and worship is offered. And also Shore temple was the venue only for the high tea, not dinner which had non vegetarian menu.

The second chance Congress took was at the video posted by PM Modi.

The leaders of the party over enthusiastically pointed out that PM Modi is picking up thrash in a single use plastic. PM Modi handed over the plastic bag which had the thrash which he picked at the beach to the Hotel staff. He did not dispose it off in the streets, like Rahul Gandhi had done during an election rally.

Then Karti Chidambaram came up with a tweet, which was a great deal of competition to Shashi Tharoor on Twitter goof ups.

Karthi Chidambaram, posted pictures of Modi ji and also a crew of photo and videographers, which he claimed are capturing PM Modi’s plogging.

The same image was retweeted by most of the Congress party leaders with an intention to find wrong in Modi’s doing to give out an opinion that whole thing was just a staged photo-op.

Fact check:

A simple reverse search of the image shared by Karti Chidambaram with a tagline ‘Jai Shriram’ yielded a result,

the image is that of West Sands beach at St Andrews in Scotland, a popular filming location. The image is a cropped version of a picture taken from a website called tayscreen.com.

Many Congress supporting Twitter handles took the chance and started their vicious fake news peddling. They attached two more images to the tweet and maligned PM’s efforts as mere photo op.

The second image shared by these handles is a five month old image of Kozhikode beach in Kerala. PM Modi had addressed an election rally in Kozhikode on April 23, 2019, in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

The image shows the beach being scanned by a bomb squad in anticipation of PM’s visit. The image was published as part of an article on The Hindu.

The third image where multiple young men can be seen with trash bags, seems like a citizens’ beach cleaning activity. Which Congress tried to project as beach had been cleaned before PM Modi went for a walk.

However, the two images, one of which is from Scotland, and other from Kerala, make it clear that this was a deliberate attempt to mislead social media users by linking unrelated images to PM Modi’s beach cleaning video.

The desperation of Congress party is understandable.

Their leader has abondoned the party in a crucial time of assembly elections and has flown to Bangkok.

None of their great Gandhi family leaders could come up with an idea such as Swaccha Bharath even when they had power at their disposal at centre for nearly six decades.

Their leader Kapil Sibal tried to take a dig at, 56inch chest remark, and heet brutal trolling as to who gave away the land of India to China, the blunders of Congress party was poked all over again.

Many are asking why don’t even Congress party do such photo ops, so that even for publicity sake at least they could clean some places. But it is not Congress parties cup of tea.

They never had a leader who could lead them by example.

Their former party president tried to wear a dhoti and his ‘elegant’ gait is a still a favourite content of meme makers. But at the same time PM Modi took the whole socialmediaby Strom in his elegant Dhoti-Angavastra look.

To have a leader for name sake won’t serve any purpose, a leader should be capable of one task he has at hand- leading. Which unfortunately none in the Congress are fit to do.

And as far as Karti Chidambaram is concerned, he better look at the ‘garbage’ called corruption which is rotting his and his father’s fame and name.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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