A Failed-Flop Director Wants to Question India’s Foreign Policy??

When it comes to working with Pakistani actors, it is clear that Bollywood is still divided. But the recent decision taken by the COEAI- Cinema Owners Exhibitors Association of India-has irked all those filmmakers who love working with Pakistani actors. Now, some sources suggest that after looking at public sentiments, even some multiplex chains are planning to not to screen movies featuring actors from “mother ship of terrorists.”

Criticizing and questioning COEAI seems understandable and producers do have right to do so. However, blaming PM Modi for the body’s decision is senseless. How can the PM be blamed for Karan Johar’s decision to cast Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in ADHM and also for the movie’s ‘possible’ box office failure?

Government has nothing to do with COEAI’s decision

 As pointed out in several reports, COEAI is an independent body consisting owners of single screen theaters from four states. The body has just requested its members to not to release films featuring Pakistani actors. It will be up to theater owners to decide if they wish to release the film or not.

Kashyap says producers pay interest on the amount borrowed to pay actors. But, what is the PM’s fault in this?  Did Karan Johar or other producers sign Pakistani artists because of Prime Minister’s recommendation?

Prime Minister Modi is ELECTED to lead the country and his Lahore visit must be a part of a strategy to improve relations with our notorious neighbor. The government changed its approach after Uri and Pathankot attack. But when it comes to artists, the central government has not stopped issuing VISAs to Pakistani artists; neither has the CBFC stopped issuing certificates to films featuring Pakistani actors.

If Johar and Kashyap wish to discuss something with the PM or HM, they can definitely get an appointment. But then, such meeting won’t offer much of publicity that tweets offer these days.

Old school trick works even today

 Anurag Kashyap has co-produced Hasee Toh Phasee and Shaandaar with Karan Johar and has also worked with ADHM’s director in Bombay Talkies and Bombay Velvet.

Kashyap has co-written Satya, and he definitely knows how ISI organizes attacks in India. Is his mind convinced that his friend’s Ranbir Kapoor starer film would prove to be a box office dud, just like the actor’s last three movies?

Perhaps, he also knows people’s sentiments about Fawad and thus, wants at least libtards to watch ADHM. Now, there is no need to worry, AAP and Congress has come out in support. Their party workers would possibly do what late NCP leader- RR Patil did during-My Name is Khan’s release. Shiv Sena had declared a ban on MNIK. Congress-NCP not only asked their workers to watch it but as state’s home minister, RR Patil also asked state’s police force to watch it.

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Thus, after Kashyap episode, the possibility is that libtards, award wapsi gang, and some people from the peaceful community would watch ADHM.  AAP and Congress may ask their workers to watch ADHM and Johar would recover at least small amount out of his investment.

This is nothing new; everyone knows how Anurag Kashyap actually benefited from Udta Punjab controversy. He had co-produced that film.

For some people, money is significant than the life of bomb blast victims and soldiers who protect country’s borders.  These brave soldiers die because of terrorists funded by ISI which clearly gets funds from Pakistani taxpayers like Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, etc.

Not just the producer or director in question, but every Bollywood personality should spend some time at the border and witness cross-border firing. They should also spend some time with victims of Pakistani taxpayer (ISI) funded bomb blasts.

Nitten Gokhaley

The author is a consultant journalist; you can follow him on Twitter- nitten4u