‘Fake’ fact checker Pratik Sinha doesn’t expose Congress supporters spreading fake news, but silently asks them to remove it on social media!

Since the time the right wing and Nationalist websites have come into existence, the main stream media which was biased against the country and the so-called seculars and liberals have faced a massive jolt. The elite and lutynes club of Delhi which had monopolized the news world are feeling threatened as they are losing ground with their biased news.

The Nation realised how the so-called journalists and news media had hijacked the perception of people and spread hatred and false propaganda against those who raised their voice for Nation. Minority appeasement, supporting terrorists and anti-national elements became their sole agenda which has been exposed by the social media. When the MSM failed to counter and compete with Nationalist website, they started a parallel website to malign the Nationalists and call them fake news peddlers.

Pratik Sinha, the owner of Alt news and the son of Mukul Sinha who defended terrorist Shorabuddin was made the flag bearer of the liberal media to attack right-wing portals with his fake fact checking idea. This man who wastes no time to call others fake, silently gives cover for Congress supporters. He who turns every small issue into controversy has no voice to question his friends in NDTV and Congress who are the masters of spreading fake news.

A month back, a website called Junta Ka Reporter which mostly posts sarcastic and satire articles had published a funny article on PM Modi spending 10 crores on Mineral Water. Anyone with common sense would guess it was a satire and not a real story.

But a Congressman called Rajiv Tyagi who was very excited to malign Modi did not have the patience to check the truth behind the article and shared it on social media. Just like him, his followers believed the article to be true and started sharing on all platform. He became a laughing stock as he could not verify the news before he shared.

Pratik Sinha who would have immediately made an article if the person was a BJP supporter calling them fake peddlers, chose to remain quiet and gave a silent advice to remove the post as many were sharing.

Take a look!

This is how the so-called fact checkers show their biased attitude. All they want to do is to show themselves as neutral website while behind they show soft corner to their favorite Congress party.

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