Fake News Alert! No, 156 Military Veterans have NOT written a letter to the President of India to act strongly against Modi Govt

Earlier in the day, the Congress party said that 156 veterans have written to the President of India to act strongly against Modi govt’s misuse of Armed Forces to garner votes. A letter was doing rounds in the internet that had a title “FROM A GROUP OF VETERANS TO OUR SUPREME COMMANDER”. The letter also claimed that several Armed Force veterans had signed it including Gen SF Rodrigues, PVSM, VSM.

Soon the Congress party jumped into the action and started to attack PM Modi stating “Modi may try to use soldiers for votes, but it’s clear that soldiers stand with India and not the BJP. 156 Veterans of the Indian Armed Forces including 8 former Chiefs of Staff write to the President of India urging him to act against Modi for trying to use soldiers for votes”.

Even Priyanka Chaturvedi, who is the National Spokesperson of the Congress party issued a statement that read “Both PM Modi and BJP President Shri Amit Shah in their public addresses in the last few days have actively referred to the Pulwama Terror Attack of 14th February in which 40 CRPF personnel sacrificed their lives”

But it didn’t take much time to bust the lie. What was hilarious is that the veterans whose names were mentioned in the list, they themselves came out in public and revealed that they never signed such sort of form.

General SF Rodrigues who was mentioned as the first signatory in the purported letter written by armed forces veterans to President, denied signing it and said that “We in the services have always done what the Govt in power ordered us, we are an instrument of the state.We are apolitical. Anyone can say anything and then sell it as fake news, I don’t know who this gentleman is who wrote this(purported letter to Pres)”.


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